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How To Systemically Treat Vitiligo

How to systemically treat vitiligoVitiligo is a common skin disease in our daily life. It brought much influence to the patient’s life. Many patients don’t have much knowledge about this disease at present. Some patients apply some creams and ointments and wish it can help them get rid of the vitiligo, but in fact, vitiligo needed to be treated systemically.

Vitiligo is a disease caused by the melanocyte damaged and can not form the melanin and cause the melanin pigment loss. So vitiligo treatment process is to promote the melanin formation process. It need take a certain period of time to finish. So how to treat vitiligo systemically?

Vitiligo is a chronic disease, so vitiligo treatments should systemically. What is systemic treatment for vitiligo? That is combine the medication treatment, medical instruments treatment with health cares together to treat vitiligo. Generally speaking, the combination of western medicine with Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo will get better treatment effects according to the research.

What is daily health cares for vitiligo? The health cares includes good daily diet, regular rest, good living environment and etc.

Vitiligo treatment also need to differentiate it’s type and stage. There are several types of vitiligo in our daily life.

One is congenital vitiligo. This kind of vitiligo is a primary, limited or generalized depigmentation skin disease. It caused by the tyrosinase system decrease or lose in the melanocyte. The skin lesion of vitiligo have no pigment exist, the shape of vitiligo is different, it can generalized to the whole body, the vitiligo with clear boundary, the pigment is deepen in the border. The hair follicle in the vitiligo become white.

Traumatic vitiligo is an acquired, generalized depigmentation skin disease, it is a disease can seriously damage of appearance. It easy to diagnose but hard to treat, it caused by the traumas, surgeries, scratches and etc.

If the vitiligo treated with systemic treatments at the early stage and do a good job in daily health care, it can speed their vitiligo recovery. If the vitiligo patients often bother with negative emotions such as anxiety, depression and etc will worsen their vitiligo. So vitiligo patients should keep a good mind state.

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