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3 Vitiligo Treatment In India

vitiligo treatment in IndiaThe vitiligo onset rate are increasing in recent years. Many scientific research institutions research on it and wish to find out the effective vitiligo treatments. There are many clinical vitiligo treatments, lets see the vitiligo treatments in India.

1. Ultraviolet ray irradiation treatment.

There are much ultraviolet ray in the sunlight. Ultraviolet ray irradiation treatment can increase the pigment cell light allergic reaction and promote the pigment cell produce more melanin, it is a traditional treatment in India. According to the data introductions and our clinical observation, this treatment have not much help to the vitiligo patients.

There are two causes:

1. Much ultraviolet ray can damage our body.

2. Our resistance ability to the ultraviolet ray decreased.

So we think the vitiligo patients should decrease or avoid the ultraviolet ray irradiation. We will accept certain amount of ultraviolet ray irradiation from the sunlight everyday and have little damage to our body tissues. That because we have complete protection mechanism in our surface. Among these, the pigment cell secret the melanin to resist the ultraviolet ray irradiation, the most important self protection mechanism is to protect the body against the damage. When the light irradiation time delayed, the light irradiation increased, our pigment cell will produce the compensatory physiological response. With the light irradiation time and the light intensity increase, the melanin production amount will also increase and the skin will obviously darker to resist and decrease the ultraviolet ray irradiation to the our skin and protect our body tissue against the damage. But the vitiligo patient’s body is totally different from the normal people. Most of their pigment cells in the damaged state in different degrees, it’s function will decreased or even lost, it’s protect ability was destroyed.( Learn about what are causes of vitiligo

2. The India also use the immune adjust therapy to treat vitiligo.

According to the medical research and clinical observation proves that the vitiligo onset and develop all related with the immune function disorder, but clinically use the immunomodulator to treat vitiligo in India can not get obvious treatment effects. Immune function disorder is a very complex physiological and pathological process, the immune deficiency, the low immunity, the immune reaction too strong all might cause the corresponding diseases onset. Which immune factor related with this disease was still unclear.

3. Supply the trace elements to treat vitiligo in India.

There are some researchers holds that the trace elements lack or disproportion is a cause of vitiligo disease onset. Our physiological activity needs many trace elements participation, which element lack or which element disproportion related with vitiligo disease, but it still remain unclear. So supply trace elements to treat vitiligo still have no exact theoretical basis to support it.

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