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The Common Treatments For Vitiligo Patients

common treatment for vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a common multiple pigment skin disease. This disease have localized or generalized depigmentation features. According to the clinical symptoms of vitiligo, it divided into two kinds. One is vitiligo vulgaris and segmental vitiligo. Besides most of vitiligo will merged into large irregular patches and spread all over the body. There are several steps in the vitiligo treatment process.

1. Diagnosis treatment:

Generalized vitiligo have a treatment process, we first need to diagnose the vitiligo before the treatment plan made. The treatment should different according to different vitiligo conditions. First we suggestion the generalized vitiligo patients should avoid blindly treat their vitiligo to avoid their vitiligo worsen. No matter what kind of disease, vitiligo patients should first find out it’s causes and make targeted treatment plan.

2. Treat vitiligo in the regular hospital.

Adopt definitive therapy to treat your vitiligo. Vitiligo patients should listen to the specialist’s suggestions, adopt some definitive therapy to treat their vitiligo in the regular hospital. The large scale specialist vitiligo hospital equipped with complete treatment equipment and invest a lot of manpower and material resources to treat vitiligo.

Vitiligo treatment and medicine chosen should according to different vitiligo patient’s condition, that is because different patient’s their vitiligo caused by different factors, their vitiligo types are different and it’s treatment effects it’s also different. Now we adopt Chinese medicine with western medicine, general treatment and localized treatment together to treat vitiligo. Because the treatments of vitiligo is quite complex, the single treatment often can not get quite good treatment effects, often need to combine several treatments together to treat vitiligo and need to spend enough time to treat vitiligo. So the vitiligo patients need search for the help of specialized vitiligo doctors and avoid treat self treat their vitiligo.

3. The principle of early stage vitiligo treatment.

The vitiligo on the onset stage still have melanocyte in the skin lesion didn’t destroyed completely, if their vitiligo treated in timely, their vitiligo have great chance to be cured. If the vitiligo sick time over one year, their treatment course is quite long even need several years. The treatment difficulty of this vitiligo is quite large. The vitiligo can be divided into two stage one is progressive stage, the other one is stable stage, so stage differentiation is necessary in the vitiligo treatment process. The vitiligo in the progressive stage should mainly adopt internal treatment, they should avoid over exposure to the sunlight. If their vitiligo in the stable stage, they can consider apply the external use medicines and accompany with phototherapy to treat.

4. Vitiligo patients should adopt comprehensive treatment.

This disease is quite complex, the treatment effects of any single therapy for vitiligo is quite limited and the treatment course is quite long, the cure rate is quite low. So vitiligo treatment should insist comprehensive treatment. Combine the Chinese medicine with the western medicine will definitely get better treatment effects than purely treat with western medicines.

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