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Chinese Medicine Help Treat Segmental Vitiligo

segmental vitiligo treatmentSegmental vitiligo is one of the common vitiligo type, it not only can damage the vitiligo patient’s appearance, it also can brought great mental burden to them. Segmental vitiligo is not treated in timely, it will continue develop and finally develop into vitiligo with large area spread in their body. Chinese medicine our traditional medicine, many segmental vitiligo patients believe it can treat their vitiligo.

Chinese medicine indeed have many advantages to treat vitiligo than other medicines, it can help treatment for segmental vitiligo. What about the symptoms of segmental vitiligo? How does the Chinese medicine help to treat segmental vitiligo?

The segmental vitiligo can occur in many parts of the body such as face, neck, back of the hands and etc. The area of skin lesion is quite small in early stage, the number is not much. The vitiligo distribute along one of their nerve segment, it distribute quite regularly most of vitiligo distribute unilaterally. When the segmental vitiligo in the progressive state, it will develop according to their rule. But it distribute tendency is hard to forecast.

The segmental vitiligo have hair whitening symptom in their vitiligo areas, it also will have hair fall off phenomenon.

The segmental vitiligo will extend. The color of vitiligo on the early stage is quite light, with it’s development, the vitiligo can expand in large scale.

Chinese medicine how to help treat segmental vitiligo?

Chinese medicine treat segmental vitiligo as a whole body, the Chinese medicine with mild medicine property so it side effects for the patients with segmental vitiligo is quite small.

Chinese medicines treat vitiligo in many forms like Chinese patent medicine, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, Chinese medicine fumigation, Chinese medicine bath and etc. It can get rid of the poison in the blood, good combination of Chinese medicine with western medicine to treat segmental vitiligo will have great treatment effects.

Chinese medicine fumigation and bath make the segmental vitiligo patients to absorb medicines via their skin rather than their mouth, it can avoid the medicines stimulate their intestines and stomach, moreover, it will help to increase the usage of their medicines. Acupuncture is also a traditional treatment in Chinese medicine, it can help to improve their blood and channel circulation, metabolic functions and help the segmental vitiligo patients to get quicker treatment effects.

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