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Does Large Area Of Vitiligo Can Be Bleached

does large scale vitiligo can be bleachedThis question from the cosmetic perspective seems reasonable. But from the medical perspective, it seems not that easy, we need consider several aspects. After consider these questions, I believe you will have your won choice.

1. Quickly whitening products might contains corrosive chemical substances, it can seriously damage the skin and have certain carcinogenicity.

2. Even the vitiligo bleached their white spots and got good effects but after several months later, their whitening parts will restore it’s normal darker color.

Bleach is only sink the melanin in the epidermal skin layer into to dermis layer but not let the melanin pigment disappeared completely. So whitening is only the surface phenomenon. But the skin metabolism will not stop, so it will not take very long time, their skin color will restore to the normal color.

3. The color differentiation between the vitiligo and normal skin is even more obvious.

Skin bleach surgery although can make their skin become white at a short time, but if long term do this will make their skin appear melanosis, make the color differentiation between their normal skin and their vitiligo even more obvious. So vitiligo patients receive the skin bleach surgery can only make their skin become white at a short moment, it’s disadvantages overweight it’s advantages.

4. If the patients long term delay their vitiligo, the hair poles in their vitiligo will closed and disappeared, the surface of the vitiligo will become as smooth as the wax, it also can cause poor perspiration and make their skin cell metabolism disorder, it also can induce many diseases such as pernicious anemia, psoriasis, malignant tumor, alopecia areata, bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, cataract, thyroid disease and etc.

5. If the vitiligo let it go will damage the sclera, cause the pigment in the sclera decrease and easy induce the opthalmic diseases.

6. Vitiligo treatment need confidence and patience, many vitiligo can be cured but gave up by the vitiligo patients themselves.

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