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Does Vitiligo Patients Need Long Term Take Medicines

does vitiligo patients need long term take medicinesDoes vitiligo patients need long term take medicines? This question is a well concerned question by vitiligo patients and their family members.

Vitiligo is a chronic stubborn skin disease, it need long term continuously take medicines. But many patients will have that feeling, they can got quite good treatment effects at the first they take medicines. But with the time goes by, the patients will found the medicine treatment effects is not as good as before or have no any treatment effects. Vitiligo patients long term take medicines will have drug resistance reaction. It mainly because some medicines under the effect of drug metabolizing enzyme in the liver, when the medicines enter into the blood and it’s action sites, under the effect of certain medicine concentration, it play the role in certain effect, but it will take a short time before the medicine was broke down under the action of liver drug enzyme, it’s effect will decreased.

So vitiligo patients long term take medicines, they will found their medication treatment effects is not as well as before or have no treatment effects. To avoid this phenomenon occur, the specific medicines and it’s dosage need to decided by the patient’s vitiligo condition and their physique and correspondingly adjust their medicine dosages during their treatment process to avoid inadequate medication or overuse drugs.

The specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates the vitiligo patients most of the medicines used to treat vitiligo will have treatment effects in the middle of the treatment process. If the vitiligo patients blindly abrupt the treatment or change other medicines will definitely influence their treatment effects. Once the newly changed medicines can no get treatment effects will influence the patients treatment confidence. So if the treatment course did not finished, the patients should avoid abruptly change medicines or stop using the medicines to avoid decrease their treatment effects.

Correctly treatment, insist treatment, systemic treatment, combined treatment these four points are very important during the vitiligo treatment process. Vitiligo patients if want to get rid of the white spots in their skin should insist the treatment. Vitiligo patients also need to combine many treatments together to treat their vitiligo at the same time. There are many treatments for vitiligo patients except the orally take medicines and injections such as laser treatment and surgery treatment. Vitiligo patients also can adopt the Chinese medicine to assist their vitiligo treatment and combined diet therapy, mental therapy and other assistant therapies to treat their vitiligo, this combined treatment can get better treatment effects.

But vitiligo treatment is not necessary to take the medicines for a long time. If the patient’s vitiligo gradually restore to the normal color, their vitiligo enter into the stable stage and then take the consolidation treatment, if their vitiligo restore to the skin color more than one year, they can stop using medicines. Vitiligo treatment should grasp the time, the vitiligo at early stage is quite easy to treat, if their vitiligo worsen, it not only will increase their treatment difficulty but also will cause great mental burden to the vitiligo patients.

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