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Does Vitiligo Can Be Self Healed

does vitiligo can be self healedDose vitiligo can be self healed? When we talking with many vitiligo patients, we found there are some few patients their vitiligo got improvement or cured by it self. Some patients once received treatment, some patients didn’t received any treatment. In one word, when the fact that vitiligo self healed truth existed among us, that makes many vitiligo patients wonder whether vitiligo can be self healed?

Clinically, there indeed exist the cases that vitiligo self healed. But the cases are very few. Throughout ancient and modern time, we can see through the vitiligo treatment process, we can see there are many treatments for vitiligo patients because of the pathogenesis of vitiligo is different, from the prescriptions to systemic treatment combined the modern medical medicines have quite good treatment effects. Many treatments once suit the case although the treatment is quite simple but have quite good clinical treatment effects.

Such as there are two vitiligo cases through orally take the fig and add ultraviolet ray to treat vitiligo and finally achieved success. There are many vitiligo patients treated their vitiligo purely depend on the ultraviolet in the sunlight and achieved great treatment effects. All that indicates the vitiligo treatment closely related with their treatment methods. Some vitiligo patients got treatment effects inadvertently, some patient’s vitiligo self healed, but that cases are quite few.

But we must understand that the self healed cases almost not occupy the proportion, it can not treated as a common sense of vitiligo treatment. So the vitiligo patients rely their hope on self healed is not realistic. If the vitiligo patients want to cure their vitiligo completely, they should have enough patience and receive the clinical treatment. They can not abruptly change their treatment plan with the hope to get quicker treatment effects.

So the self healed cases is very few, so the vitiligo patients should go to see the doctor once they found they got white spots. If you have any question about does vitiligo can be self healed, welcome mail to


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