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Does Vitiligo Need Long Term Drug Therapy

does vitiligo patients needs long term drug therapyVitiligo is a chronic skin disease, it’s treatment course is linger than other diseases. Drug therapy is the common way to treat vitiligo. Many vitiligo patients concerned about this question does vitiligo need long term drug therapy?

Vitiligo is a chronic stubborn depigmentation skin disease, it need the vitiligo patients long term continuously take the medicines. But many vitiligo patients feel that the first time medication treatment can get better treatment effects, but with the time went by, they will found the treatment effects of their medicine is poorer than before or have no treatment effects at all.

Vitiligo patients long term take medicine will have drug resistance, the main reason is some drugs under the drug metabolizing enzymes effect in the livers. When the medicine enter the blood and it’s action parts, the medicine concentration play a role in certain degree. But later, the medicines will be broke down under the liver enzyme, it’s effects will decreased.

So the vitiligo patients long term take medicine will have the phenomenon of their treatment effects is not as good as before or have no treatment at all. To avoid this phenomenon appear, the specific medicines and dosages need to be decided according to the vitiligo patient’s vitiligo conditions and their physical conditions, and during the treatment process, make the adjustment according the the patient’s vitiligo changes and avoid overuse medicine or not enough medicine and can not make the patients get good treatment effects.

The specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates the vitiligo patients that the treatment effects of the medicines used to treat vitiligo often have treatment effects in the middle treatment process, if the vitiligo patients abruptly stop the medicines or change other medicines will influence the patient’s treatment effects. Once the newly changed medicine have no treatment effects, their confidence will influenced. So the vitiligo patients should avoid change medicines or stop using medicines to avoid decrease their treatment effects.

Correct treatment, continuous treatment, systemic treatment and combined treatment these four points is what vitiligo patients need pay attention to in their treatment process. If the vitiligo patients wants to get rid of vitiligo completely, they’d better insist their treatment, stop the treatment in the middle of their treatment process often can not make them achieve very good treatment effects. Meanwhile, vitiligo patients should pay attention to combine varies ways to treat their vitiligo. While adopt the orally take medicines and injections, they also can choose the laser, surgery therapies.

But vitiligo treatment doesn’t necessary means they need to take medicines for a long term. After treatment, their skin color began become normal, their vitiligo enter the stable stage, if their skin color in their vitiligo parts maintain normal skin color for more than one year, they can stop the medicines. Vitiligo treatment should in the early stage, vitiligo in early stage is earlier to treat, if their vitiligo worsen, not only the patients will suffer from mental burden and economical pressures, their treatment difficulty also will increase. If you have any question about does vitiligo patients need to take medicines for a long term, welcome mail to


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