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How To Decrease The Vitiligo Recurrent Rate

how to decrease the vitiligo recurrent rateHow to decrease the vitiligo recurrent rate? Vitiligo is a disease hard to treat and easy to relapse it is universally knowledge. How to decrease the vitiligo recurrent rate after it cured? It’s a most concerned question by many vitiligo patients. Many vitiligo patients their vitiligo might recurrent after it cured is they not pay enough attention to it. So the consolidation treatment is very important for vitiligo patients.

Vitiligo patients how to decrease their vitiligo recurrent rate?

First they should strengthen their physical condition and increase their ability to resist the virus. Mental pressures, long term anxiety and other negative emotions all can stimulate that disease, so the vitiligo patients should keep a good mood state.

Vitiligo patients should live in the healthy work environment. Many external factors can induce vitiligo such as live in the wet residence, get wet in the rain, have cold, over exposure to the sunlight, friction all might induce vitiligo.

Get away from the disease and prevent the infection. External injuries such as frostbiting and burns all might induce vitiligo.

Insist the treatment and consolidate the treatment effects. Vitiligo patients recovered from their vitiligo, their immunity and micro circulation still didn’t restore to the normal state, so after their vitiligo restore to the normal color, they also need to do the consolidation for a treatment course.

Vitiligo patients should treat their vitiligo earlier, not hesitate. Once they found they have vitiligo, they need go to the hospital to diagnose it and try to treat it earlier. For the vitiligo with smaller areas and short sick time, they can get better treatment effects.

Diet adjustment. Diet is the important way to help the vitiligo patients to adjust their body. Healthy diet can effectively consolidate their treatment effects and control their vitiligo restore effectively. The vitiligo patients should avoid external injuries, ultraviolet ray irradiation and other harmful irradiation. But generally if the dermis not damaged, it can not induce the vitiligo relapse. Vitiligo patients should try to avoid external injuries especially when they are working in the outdoor.

All these can effectively decrease the vitiligo recurrent rate, if you have any question about how to decrease the vitiligo recurrent rate, welcome mail to


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