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Does Vitiligo Will Recurrent After It Cured

does vitiligo will recurrent after it curedDoes vitiligo will recurrent after it cured? Vitiligo patients after their vitiligo cured will concerned whether their vitiligo will relapse after it cured?

One of the causes of vitiligo is the immune function disorder, in part of the vitiligo patient’s serum, we can test many antibodies. One of the characteristics of the autoimmune disease is the slow disease course, recurrent rate is obvious, so the recurrent phenomenon in the vitiligo patients is exist objectively. There are some relative reports in the home and abroad about the recurrent rate of vitiligo is between the 10% to 30%, most of the vitiligo patients their vitiligo will recurrent after they cured for about 2 to 24 months. The recurrent vitiligo might in the original vitiligo sites might in other sites. The recurrent vitiligo might only have one to two patches, it also might have many patches. Most of the recurrent vitiligo have only few patches.

Our experience of prevent the vitiligo recurrence is to do the consolidation treatment for vitiligo patients for about three months in the spring of every year after it cured for about 2 to 3 months, it can obviously decrease the recurrent rate of vitiligo. The recurrent vitiligo under the timely and regularly treatment, most of the vitiligo can be cured again. Find out the recurrent causes of vitiligo is quite important, the recurrent causes often related with the work stress, mental anxiety, overtired, irregular live style, over exposure to the sunlight, external injuries and etc.

Vitiligo patients not only should receive the regular and rational treatment, they also should do the exercise regularly. They should avoid over exposure to the sunlight, avoid long term live in the humid environment, avoid eating too much stimulating foods.

All in all, vitiligo patients should keep optimistic emotions, have good attitude, erect enough confidence to avoid the factors might induce vitiligo. Only in that way, their vitiligo will have a sooner recovery. If you have any question about does the vitiligo will recurrent after it cured, welcome mail to


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