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4 Errors During Vitiligo Treatment Process

4 vitiligo treatment errors

Vitiligo is a skin disease easy to diagnose but hard to treat. The vitiligo is a stubborn depigmentation skin disease, it’s pathogenesis still remain unclear that increase the difficulty to treat it. In the dermatologists opinion, vitiligo is a formidable opponent, we often saw the advertisements in the electric poles, newspapers, magazines and everywhere about the specific medicines for vitiligo. There also many prescriptions about vitiligo treatment in the folk that leads to many treatment errors for vitiligo patients. In fact, it is unrealistic and impossible.

There are four errors for vitiligo patients during their treatment process.

1. Irregular use the hormones.

Hormones to treat vitiligo have obvious treatment effects, under the hormone effects, the melanocyte growth accelerate. But long term use the corticosteroids can cause the local skin atrophy, angiotelectasis, acne, folliculitis and etc. So the vitiligo patients should under the doctors instruction to use the hormones intermittent and decrease the negative reaction of the hormones.

2. Only pay attention to the external treatment not pay attention to the internal treatment.

Only apply external use medicines and ignore the orally take medicines. Vitiligo caused by many factors, the external use medicines indeed is very important but the orally take medicine also can not ignored or their vitiligo easy to relapse once they stop take medicines.

3. Pay attention to the treatment while ignore the prevention.

Some vitiligo patients go to see the outpatient regularly and take medicines on time but their vitiligo still hard to control. If we analyze the causes, we often found these patients exist food bias suffer from study stress, domestic troubles, lovelorn and etc.

4. Over treatment.

Some vitiligo patients think the disappear of the white spots is equal to their vitiligo was cured from the root. In fact, some melanocyte in the vitiligo parts already disappeared completely and leave the white spots forever, even continue to take the medicine can not produce the melanin. In that time, the vitiligo patients can stop using medicines can adopt the epidermal skin surgery. If you have any question about the vitiligo treatment errors, welcome mail to


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