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Treatment Of Vitiligo Skin Discoloration

Treatment Of Vitiligo Skin DiscolorationVitiligo is a skin chronic disease which is appeared due to loss of melanin cells in skin.

The vitiligo signs and symptoms include gradually appearance of white milky patches on skin. If vitiligo disease attacks on hair follicles then hair change his colorations and turns in to white. Premature (before age 35) hair color alteration is also a symptom of vitiligo. Vitiligo can be appeared by family history of heredity。

How Does Your Skin Get Its Color?

People only know they have skin disease when they realized their skin color get changed,but what do people not know is how does your skin get its color, and this is definitely a important knowledge for your skin discoloration treatment. It can cure the skin discoloration from its root if u know the factors which cause it.The best way to understand the way that skin discoloration occurs is to understand how the skin gets and maintains its color. The epidermis, the outer layer of your skin, contains a bunch of cells called melanocytes. These cells have many functions, but one of their main jobs is to protect the skin. When it comes to protecting the skin from the sun, the melanocytes do so by darkening it with a pigment called melanin.

The functions of melanin is for making the skin look darker when you are exposed to the sun, but when it comes to the body, in some cases, it will either stop producing melanin in specific areas of the skin, or put its production into overspeed. Sometimes the skin discoloration can affect the entire body, a specific part of the body, or it can occur in just a few random places on the skin.

What Causes Skin Discoloration?

When it comes to the causes of skin discoloration, it seems very important to figure out the fators which cause the skin discolorationmThere are many causes for this problem that can sometimes leave you feeling self conscious. Some reasons may be as uncomplicated as applying Sunscreen unevenly, while other causes require medical treatment. Some of the main causes of skin discoloration include the following conditions:

1,Melasma- a skin discoloration that obtains from the irregular production of progesterone and estrogen. The condition is most commonly found with pregnant women, as a result of hormone replacement therapy, or birth control pills.

2,It can be due to diseases like heart disease, liver disease, albinism, and a lot more

3, It may be observed in women who are pregnant, but the problem will disappear after the woman gives birth

4,Vitiligo is a condition where the cells producing the skin-coloring pigment melanin stop functioning or die. It shows itself by white patches that spread across the surface of the skin.

5,Tinea versicolor- a fungal infection that causes dry, flaky, and discolored skin. The condition is aggravated by humid temperatures, a compromised immune system, or hormone level fluctuations.

6,Exposure to sun- as the skin ages, small, dark blotches called liver spots can emerge. The spots are not dangerous, and can usually be treated . Also, sun exposure can flare up already-existing issues with discoloration.

Treatment for skin discoloration

There are various causes for skin discoloration, there are also many treatment options like: Photochemotherapy (which is treated by the UV rays along with the psoralen tablet), Ayurvedic Treatment (used as to fulfill the nutritious factors deficiency in body- gives much value on taking balanced diet by side of medicines), Homeopathic Treatment (treatment is originate through natural producing medicines or oils), Skin transplantation ( getting pigmentary substances from any part of body and transfer it to non-pigmented parts of body), skin grafting treatment (production of artificial pigments cells via surgical tools in depigmented area of body) oral psoralen therapy (this therapy is successful with the usage of psoralen tablets that increases photosensitizing in skin).



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