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Vitiligo Hard To Cure Causes

what causes vitiligo hard to cureFor a long time, vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease troubled doctors and patients. So many people called the vitiligo as a incurable disease. In fact, although vitiligo treatment is quite difficult, that doesn’t means it is a incurable disease. What causes vitiligo hard to cure?

There are four factors I’d like to enumerate for your reference.

1. Take the medicine without find out the causes, do not receive the scientific treatment.

Many vitiligo patients treated their vitiligo for a long time and still can not get any treatment effects caused by the vitiligo patients desperately want to find a cure for their vitiligo, they see the Chinese doctor in this day, turn to the western doctor in the other day, search for the prescriptions for their vitiligo in every where and do not treat their vitiligo systemically and regularly and can not get good treatment effects after spent a lot of money.

Many vitiligo patients instead of go to see the vitiligo specialist, they search for the prescriptions and irregular medicines to treat their vitiligo which causes their vitiligo misdiagnosed and mistreated. There are also some vitiligo patients do the epidermal skin grafting surgery even their vitiligo is not in the stable stage. After the surgery, their vitiligo expand in large areas causes their vitiligo hard to cure.

2. The vitiligo patients delayed their disease and miss the best treatment time for their vitiligo.

Ignore the vitiligo in the early stage and after it spread to the exposure areas and cause their melanin loss seriously, the vitiligo expand and their vitiligo worsen. In that time, they want to systemic treat their vitiligo, it will increase their vitiligo treatment difficulty.

3. Blindly take medicines to treat their vitiligo.

Many vitiligo patients take the medicines instead of under the doctor’s instruction, they will blindly take many medicines used to treat vitiligo and cause their vitiligo pigment loss and cause their vitiligo hard to cure.

4. Not pay attention to their diet.

There are some vitiligo patients like to eat stimulating foods in their daily life such as mustard, seafood, hotpot and so on can cause their vitiligo worsen. So vitiligo patients in their daily life should pay more attention to their diet. If you have any question about vitiligo, welcome mail to


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