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Health Care Suggestions For Vitiligo Patients In Spring And Summer

skin cares suggestions for vitiligo patients in the spring and summerMany vitiligo patients reflects that in spring and summer, their vitiligo will onset or expand. With the air temperature is rising, their vitiligo can not covered anymore. Vitiligo patients should pay attention to health care for their skin in the spring and summer.

Although vitiligo is a skin disease can onset and expand in four seasons. But it also have seasonal characteristics. Especially in spring and summer, these two seasons are the high seasons of vitiligo onset. Vitiligo patients how to care their skin in spring and summer?

First vitiligo patients should enhance their skin exercise. According to many years clinical experience, enhance the skin exercise can increase their skin adaptation ability. The sunbath and massage are good exercise ways. Of cause the sunbath should pay attention to not exposed to the sunlight for a long time or will adverse to their vitiligo.

Vitiligo patients also should keep their skin moisture. People’s skin easy become very dry in the spring and summer, so the vitiligo patients should avoid frequently take the shower. Generally speaking, the temperature should mild, not too hot, try to avoid rub the skin with too much strength. Pay attention to avoid use the soap with too strong alkaline or it easy to destroy the skin surface and decrease the sebum already not much and make the skin very dry and easy to make the skin dry, itch and crack which is adverse to the vitiligo.

Third is the vitiligo patients should try to wear the clothes with soft texture. If the cloth too tight or the texture too hard might cause their skin itch and red even make their skin damaged. Because the body and skin continuously friction and cause the static electricity, the static electricity will stimulate the skin and cause the skin damaged. The vitiligo patients can choose pure cotton or real silk cloths. These cloths not easy to produce static electricity and can protect their skin to avoid their vitiligo spread and even induce isomorphic reaction.

What needs to point out is although spring and summer are the high season of vitiligo expand and onset, but it also the very good time for vitiligo treatment. In the spring and summer, people’s metabolism is exuberant, the blood circulation is speed up, the medicine is easier to be absorbed by the blood. If the vitiligo patients treated their disease in timely, their vitiligo can be controlled effectively, their treatment difficulty will decreased correspondingly. If you have any other question about the skin cares for vitiligo patients, welcome mail to


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