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Does Vitiligo Patients Can Bask In The Sunshine

does vitiligo patients can bask in the sunshineDose vitiligo patients can bask in the sunshine? Many vitiligo patients often asked whether they can bask in the sunshine? The specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital will explain this question for you.

In the daily life, our skin color continuously influenced by the external environments and seasonal changes, among these factors, the sunlight irradiation is the main factor. When the hot summer come, some outdoor workers their skin color will gradually deepen. Such as the workers engaged in fishing, agriculture, geological prospecting and working in open space, their skin color will become deeper than other people.

Why the ultraviolet ray can deepen the skin color? During the melanin metabolism process, the ultraviolet ray can activate the activity of tyrosinase necessary to the melanin synthesis, and accelerate the tyrosine changed into dopa, dopaquinone which can promote the melanin metabolism while the ultraviolet ray also can accelerate the formed melanin transfer to all the skin layers of the epidermis from the melanocyte and deepen the skin color which good to the vitiligo treatment.

Although vitiligo patients can bask in the sunshine, they also should avoid go to the another extreme, they can not over exposure to the intense sunlight in the summer.

If the vitiligo patients long time over exposure to the sunlight might damage to their vitiligo. Especially in the hot summer, the ultraviolet ray is intense, it easy to burning the skin. Besides if irradiation is too intense, it easy to induce their skin inflammation, especially in their head, face these exposure areas. If these areas often exposure to the sunlight, it will cause their melanocyte damaged and lost the ability to produce the melanin. For the vitiligo sites, if the melanocyte decrease, their ability to anti the ultraviolet ray will decrease. Long term over exposure to the sunlight will make their vitiligo site easy to appear bubble, peel and worsen their vitiligo condition.

Moreover, if our internal organs function is normal, the tyrosinase activity is also normal. Such as the skin color of normal people after exposed to the sunlight will deepen. If the tyrosinase activity decreased or lost, after exposed to the intense sunlight will cause their melanocyte metabolism accelerate, it need more nutrition to secrete the melanin, if the tyrosinase content is not enough, the nutrition melanocyte need to secrete the melanin failed to supply, the vitiligo will expand. So the vitiligo patients should avoid over exposure to the intense sunlight.

But that doesn’t means vitiligo patients can not contact with the sunlight, if the vitiligo patients take the medicine to treat their vitiligo, properly bask in the sunlight have certain effect for their vitiligo recovery. But vitiligo patients should adjust their time to bask in the sunshine according to the seasons. Such as they can bask in the sunshine for a longer time in the winter, early spring, fall. They can bask in the sunshine in the evening, afternoon in the summer. That can decrease the damage of the sunlight to their skin and play the role of the narrow band of ultraviolet ray to treat the vitiligo.

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