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Does Vitiligo Patients Can Use External Medicine Contains Alcohol

does vitiligo patients can take the medicine contains alcoholWe all know drink wines not good for the vitiligo recovery and even will worsen the vitiligo. During the vitiligo treatment process, does vitiligo patients can take medicines contains alcohol? This question concerned by many vitiligo patients, because there are many medicines contains alcohol. In the following part, I’d like to briefly make a introduction about this question.

There are some people have some prejudice about alcohol, they think if the external use medicine contains alcohol will stimulate the skin and even make the skin have allergic reaction and finally harm the skin. In fact, this opinion is too extreme. Alcohol is a necessary chemical component in many cosmetics and external use medicines.

First, the alcohol proved by many professional dermatology institutions that is a very good disinfectant, cleaning agent and degreaser. The alcohol have the ability to remove the oil, it easy to play the role of bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect for the skin easy to produce and secrete acne, so the medicines contains alcohol have the treatment effects of some skin problems.

Second, the alcohol in the cosmetics is a quite good solvent, it can dissolve some effective components, but the usage content is quite low, generally we can see the content of alcohol in the components table of the products.

Third, alcohol is a very good permeability increasing agent. Such as some Chinese medicine herbs, their effective components is water insoluble, it can not enter the deep layer of the skin. If add the surface activity agent, it might produce many bubbles, but if add the alcohol, it can help these effective components via the alcohol infiltrate into the epidermal layer of the skin and to play the role to treat the disease.

The fourth is the concentration of the alcohol have different treatment effects to the human and medicine. Such as some medicines needs soak in alcohol with 75% concentration.

The fifth is there are some vitiligo patients might have allergic effect to the alcohol. Those vitiligo patients should avoid use the medicine contains alcohol.

If you are a vitiligo patient and have some question about the alcohol contains in the medicine, you can consult the online custom service staff or mail to Vitiligo patients should avoid blindly take medicines to treat their vitiligo or they might suffer from the economical loss and also cause the great difficult in their vitiligo treatment process.


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