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Attentions For Vitiligo Patients In Progressive Stage

attentions for vitiligo patients in progressive stageIn this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the attentions for vitiligo patients in the progressive stage. Vitiligo is a common pigment loss skin disease, it have individual difference in sick time, causes and many other factors, clinic divided the vitiligo into stable stage and progressive stage. Vitiligo in different stage have different symptoms. In the following part, I’d like

Vitiligo in progressive stage: during this stage, the white spots increased gradually, the original white spots gradually move to the normal skin and the boundary between the white spots and normal skin is not clear.

The vitiligo in stable stage: the white spots stop spreading, the vitiligo boundary is quite clear, the pigment in the edge of white spots deepen.

During the vitiligo treatment, it is totally not proper to treat ignore the stage of vitiligo and blindly use the creams and etc. Especially in the progressive stage of vitiligo, the vitiligo treatment should treat the internal factor first and adjust the internal functions, immunity, nerve endocrine function of the body, repair the tyrosinase activity in the blood, totally get rid of the toxic melanin in the body. If the vitiligo patients also accompany with other diseases such as thyroid disease, diabetes, liver disease and etc should treated at the same time.

Vitiligo patients also should pay attention to avoid take skin grafting surgery in the progressive stage to avoid irritate the vitiligo and induce isomorphic reaction. The vitiligo patients in the progressive stage also should avoid over exposure to the intense sunlight or ultraviolet ray to avoid heaven their melanocyte burden and increase the toxic products of the melanin metabolism and worsen the self destruction of melanocyte. Vitiligo patients at the progressive stage also should avoid take the external use medicines with strong irritation effects to avoid it produce local irritation reaction and damage the melanocyte and worsen their immunity disorder and induce the vitiligo expand finally.

Except targeted treatment, vitiligo at progressive stage should pay more attention to the health care in their daily life. Exercise is unavoidable in people’s daily life, the patients in progressive stage, if their skin have external injuries, the rate of the isomorphic reaction they got is quite high, it is easy induce their vitiligo expand and increase their treatment difficulty. So vitiligo patients in their progressive stage should avoid their skin have external injuries and try to decrease the violent sports.

Moreover, the ultraviolet ray in the hot summer is quite intense, the vitiligo patients at progressive stage should pay attention to avoid the over exposure to the intense sunlight and avoid their skin have erythema and blisters after suffer from ultraviolet ray and induce their vitiligo relapse and worsen. Vitiligo patients also should keep good mind state.

Vitiligo patients in the progressive stage also should pay attention to scientific diet and they should avoid eating stimulating foods and foods rich in vitamin C. The shrimps, mutton and other fishy foods also should avoid eating too much. If you want to know more about attentions of vitiligo patients in progressive stage, welcome mail to


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