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Why Some Patients Can Not Get Good Treatment Effects

why some vitiligo patients can not get good treatment effectsIn this article, I’D like to talk about a question, why some patients can not get good treatment effects? Although most of the vitiligo patients can get good treatment effects. But there still some patients treated for quite long time but can not get good treatment effects. According to many years clinical experience of specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital, part of the patients can not get good treatment effects because of the factors I will explain in detail in the following part.

One is vitiligo patients did not receive reasonable treatment in the early stage. Generally speaking, the dermatologists opinion to the vitiligo is the vitiligo should treated earlier. Some vitiligo patients did not go to the regular specialist vitiligo hospital to receive systemic treatment, some patients even found some prescriptions or irregular medicines to treat their vitiligo. Some patients after use one medicine can not get good treatment effects, they will change another medicine which cause the misdiagnosis and mistreatment and finally miss the best time to treat their vitiligo. Some patients receive epidermal skin grafting surgery even their vitiligo is not in the stable stage and finally cause their vitiligo expand in large scale after their surgery. Some patients have allergic physical condition and blindly take medicines which cause they have allergic reaction in whole body and finally worsen their vitiligo.

The types and sites of vitiligo also can influence the vitiligo treatment effects. The specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital point out that the vitiligo sick time is over 7 years and their vitiligo belongs to generalized vitiligo, their treatment effects is quite poor. Most of the generalized vitiligo developed from sporadic vitiligo or localized vitiligo. Under the irritating effects of many inducements, the patients can got vitiligo in very short period and their vitiligo will expand to all parts of their body in very short time. The vitiligo on hands and feet with poorer treatment effects. All these data shows the acral vitiligo is the hardest one to treat among all kinds of vitiligo.

Three is not adopt systemic treatments to treat their vitiligo regularly. Many vitiligo patients take medicine by themselves instead of under the doctor’s instruction. They only read the medicine instructions and take the medicine by themselves. They don’t know the root, types, causes of their vitiligo, they will try many medicines in the market used to treat vitiligo. The treatment principle of vitiligo at present is distinguish the stages, types, ages, sites of the vitiligo and make a targeted treatment plan for vitiligo patient’s themselves.

Four is mental tensions also can influence the treatment effects of vitiligo. According to clinical observation, part of the young women with vitiligo around 20 years old will have some negative emotions like tensions, anxious and etc. Mental factor is one of the factor can worsen or make the vitiligo relapse, so it is very important for vitiligo patients to keep a good mind state during their vitiligo treatment process.

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