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Vitiligo Treatment Choose Chinese Medicine Or Western Medicine

does vitiligo treatment treatment should choose western medicine or Chinese medicineIn this article, I’d like to talk about this question. Vitiligo treatment should choose Chinese medicine or western medicine? Many patients in their treatment process will counter this question. Chinese medicine and western medicine adopt different principles and will achieve different treatment effects.

Vitiligo treatment should pay attention to the symptoms of every patient’s vitiligo condition. Scientifically diagnose the specific inducements of vitiligo and the shortage degree of the melanin and make the targeted treatment plan for vitiligo patients, only in this way, vitiligo treatment can achieve better treatment effects. During the vitiligo treatment, it is important to control the vitiligo in progressive stage. If the patients did not scientifically diagnosed the specific inducements and blindly take medicines, it can induce the vitiligo worsen.

There are many treatments for vitiligo in the market, but the most common treatments are western medicines and Chinese medicines. In fact, Chinese medicine and western medicine are different in treatment principle. Chinese medicine treatment pay more attention to adjusting the body, treat vitiligo from the internal factors, it need longer treatment course, so that need vitiligo patients should have more patience. While western medicine have quicker treatment effects, it often can achieve the expected treatment effects of the patients.

But the western medicine have greater side effects. Vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, it called the cancer can not deprive the people’s life. But modern medicine do a relatively thorough research in it’s pathogenesis, physiology, pharmacology and make it become an curable disease.

But among the curable diseases, it still a disease hard to treat. So during the treatment of this disease, we need to have a good grasp of the treatment details, so the doctor can treat the disease from the root.

So during the treatment process, both the western medicine and Chinese medicine all have their disadvantages and advantages, the Chinese medicine with slower treatment effects, the western medicine with quicker treatment effects, so during the treatment of this disease, it need combine the traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, use the medicine according to the time, stages, only in this way, the vitiligo can have the chance to be cured.

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