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Does Oral Mucosal Vitiligo Can Be Cured

does mucosal vitiligo can be curedIn this article, I’d like talk with you about does oral mucosal vitiligo can be cured? Mucosal vitiligo is a localized skin pigment loss disease. During the process of melanin pigment generation, transfer and degradation, any link of these have obstruction might influence it’s metabolism. The mucosal vitiligo caused by the skin, flesh, mucous membrane pigment loss can cause the vitiligo appeared. The vitiligo can occur in any ages, at any part of the skin, mucous membrane and etc.

Mucosal vitiligo often occur in the mouth, lips, glans, vagina, anus and etc. The damage can occur limited to mucosal areas, it also can happened along with the skin lesion. The vitiligo around the lips and month is quite common, the skin will present the depigmentation spots with clear boundary. The whole vermilion area all can be involved. The rate of vitiligo occur in mouth area is about 50%.

We suggest the vitiligo patients can try the physicotherapeutics with little damage. The mucosal vitiligo with slowly recovery, it needs the patients cooperate with the doctor to treat their vitiligo. Moreover, the mucosal vitiligo most start in the acromelic areas. Most acral patients got vitiligo because of long term contact with the stimulating chemical medicines. Such as the barber dye people’s hair every day. They need do a good job in protect their hands when contact with the dye hair potions.

Oral mucosal vitiligo is quite hard to treat, because the site is special, so not all treatments can have effects. The vitiligo inside the mouth is not proper to use the medication treatment, let alone the external medicine and surgery. The specific treatments should according to the patient’s vitiligo condition to decide. We suggest the patients do not blindly treat their vitiligo to avoid worsen their disease.

Not matter treat which disease, find out the causes and make targeted treatment is necessary. If the patients don’t go to a specialist vitiligo hospital to receive systemic diagnosis and blindly take medicine to treat their vitiligo, it is not only hard to cure their vitiligo, but also will even make them depend on medicines. So the vitiligo patients should find the specialist, normal and professional hospital to treat their vitiligo. If you have any question, welcome mail to


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