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Why Children Vitiligo Patients Have Sleep Problem

why children vitiligo patients have sleep problemMany vitiligo children’ s parents wants to know why vitiligo children have sleep problem? In the following part, I’d like to explain this question in detail.

Children vitiligo patients often have sleep problem, many of them have the symptoms of insomnia, snoring, bad-wetting, grind their teeth, perspire during the sleep and etc. These problems often ignored by their parents, because in their parent’s opinion, the insomnia of their kids is out of full energy, snoring is a sign of sound sleep, as for bed-wetting, it will disappear when they grow up and grind teeth does not influence their sleep.

In fact all these are their parent’s cognitive misunderstandings. All the presentations I mentioned above are the sleep obstructions of the children. If these symptoms of vitiligo children long term ignored and delayed to treat, it will influence the mental and physical health of vitiligo patients.

Children vitiligo prevention is also need to promise enough sleep time. If the children can not get enough sleep time, their body can not rest fully and their resistance ability will decrease and will finally induce or worsen their vitiligo. If their vitiligo not treated timely, it will influence their mental and physical health condition and this influence will exist even when they grow up.

The children vitiligo is quite allergic to all kinds of color restoration therapies, their vitiligo restoration rate is higher than grown-ups. But the children under the development stage, their body functions are not mature, so they will have bigger adverse reactions after take the corticosteroid, immunosuppressive agent, orally take PUVA and other therapies. These treatments will have influences to their physical development in different degrees. So when the doctors make the treatment plans to treat their vitiligo, they need to weigh the disadvantage and advantage of these therapies, treat their vitiligo in the precondition that try to choose the treatments with best treatment effects and the least medicine side effects and maintain the normal mental and physical development of the children.

All in all, vitiligo prevention and treatment all are important, keep enough sleep is very important for children, do not let the kids always play, because the immunity of the children in the late stage of their development is quite weak, proper sleep not only can prevent vitiligo and other diseases intrusion and have great advantage to the vitiligo prevention.

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