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Vitiligo Patients How To Care Their Skin In The Spring And Summer

vitiligo patients how to care their skin in the spring and summerMany vitiligo patients reflect that their vitiligo will onset and spread in the spring and summer. With the weather getting warmer, the cloths they wear are more and more less, so their vitiligo hard to cover. In the following part, I'd like to make a brief introduction about the skin care for vitiligo patients in the spring and summer.

Objectively, vitiligo is a skin disease, it will onset and spread in four seasons of the year, but it also have seasonal features. Especially in the spring and summer these two seasons are the vitiligo onset season. So vitiligo patients how to care their skin in the spring and summer?

First vitiligo patients should enhance skin exercise. From many years clinical observations, enhance skin exercise can increase our skin adaptability and adapt to the season’s changes. Such as sun light bath, massage and etc all are good skin exercises. Of course vitiligo patients can not long term over exposure to the intense sunlight or it will worsen their skin disease.

Second, vitiligo patients should keep their skin moisture. People’s skin easy become dry in the spring and summer, so do frequently take a bath. The water temperature should mild, not too hot. Try to avoid rub skin with too much strength, do not use the soap with too strong alkaline or it is quite easy to destroy the epidermal layer of the skin and decrease the skin lipids and make their skin more dry.

Third is the vitiligo patients should wear cloths with soft texture. If the cloths too tight, the texture too hard, it might cause their skin red and itch even will broke, what cause that phenomenon? Because the continuous friction between their cloths and skin which cause the static electricity, the static electricity can stimulate the skin and cause their skin damaged. The patients can choose pure cotton cloths, real silk cloths as underwear, these cloths not easy to produce the static electricity. In that way, it can play the effective role to the skin and prevent their disease develop and induce the isomorphic reaction.

The forth is avoid over exposure to the intense sunlight. In the spring and summer, the sunlight is quite intense, over exposure to the sunlight can cause skin inflammatory reaction especially in the head, face and other exposure areas which will cause the melanocyte damaged and lose the ability to produce the melanin. The vitiligo sites easy to peeling, have bubbles if it over exposure to the sunlight.

The five point is to avoid hurt their skin. The vitiligo patients should avoid external injuries, because the external injuries damaged the skin tissues might cause their melanin pigment loss.

What we need point out is although spring and summer is the vitiligo onset and expand season, but it also a good season to treat vitiligo. In the spring and summer, the people’s metabolism start to become vigorous, the blood circulation with accelerate, the medicine is more easy to absorbed. If the patients treat their vitiligo timely, their vitiligo can be controlled effectively and their vitiligo treatment difficulty will decreased.

So the vitiligo patients should grasp the time to treat their vitiligo. If you have any question about the skin care for vitiligo patients in the summer and spring, welcome mail to


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