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The Shortcomings Of Traditional Vitiligo Treatments

shortcomings of traditional vitiligo treatmentIn this article, I’d like to talk about the shortcomings of traditional vitiligo treatments. Vitiligo is a multiple skin disease and cause huge damage to the skin of vitiligo patients. So it is important to treat it timely. For vitiligo treatment, there are many shortcomings in traditional vitiligo treatments. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about this.

1. Make a diagnose without systemic tests.

Whether vitiligo can get effective treatment effects depends on objective and comprehensive diagnosis. If the patients do not take comprehensive tests and treatment their vitiligo blindly such as try all kinds of single treatment will worsen their vitiligo. Even they finally get some treatment effects are hard to cure their vitiligo.

2. Therapy only pay attention to treat the symptoms but not the causes.

Traditional vitiligo treatment mode is pay more attention to the color restoration of vitiligo but do not make the scientific diagnose and did not distinguish the types and stages of vitiligo to treat vitiligo. This treatment do not pay attention to the long term treatment effects. It violate the vitiligo development rule, so it can not cure vitiligo from the root. Through many years researches and scientific experiences, we make sure vitiligo is a disease can be cured. The traditional vitiligo treatment mode is the main cause of vitiligo hard to cure even treated for a long term.

3. Only medicine hard to treat stubborn skin disease.

Limited by the backward medicine manufacture techniques, the drug molecular structure are quite large, it can not get through the human blood brain barrier and enter into the pituitary gland and the central nervous system pineal gland, so it can not effectively adjust the pituitary gland to secret the melanin pigment. It can not adjust the melanin pigment generation via the cell membrane. It can not effectively enter into the targeted cell site and adjust the apoptosis and regeneration of cells. It also can not combine with the immune molecules and play the effects to adjust the immune system. The vitiligo patients frequently change the medicines to treat their vitiligo is the medication factor that cause vitiligo treated for a long time but hard to cure.

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