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How To Decrease Vitiligo Genetic Rate

how to decrease vitiligo genetic rateVitiligo patients how to decrease the vitiligo genetic factor? We know vitiligo is quite harmful and hard to cure. It is a stubborn skin disease. So many vitiligo patients might worry about if their vitiligo did not cured completely or not treated timely, whether their vitiligo will pass down to their kids? So many vitiligo patients want to decrease their vitiligo genetic rate. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about this to you.

First vitiligo patients should cooperate with their doctor in vitiligo treatment. Vitiligo have certain genetic tendency, although the genetic factor of vitiligo is quite low, but it still have hereditary feature. The best way for vitiligo patients to avoid pass down their vitiligo to their kids is to treat their vitiligo effectively and timely under the professional doctor’s instruction. After their vitiligo cured, the can consider to give birth to the next generation, it can effectively decrease their vitiligo genetic rate.

Second is the vitiligo patients had better avoid marry the vitiligo patients. If both of parents have vitiligo, the rate of their kids get vitiligo is quite higher than only one of the parents have vitiligo. So the patients should pay attention to that problem.

The vitiligo patients should avoid their vitiligo onset period to give birth to their kids. Because in the vitiligo onset period, the patients body systems and functions not stable and they need to take some treatments and medicines, all these will directly or indirectly influence the body development of their kids and harm to their kids. So the specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital suggest the young parents should cure their vitiligo and then consider give birth to the next generation and try to decrease their vitiligo genetic rate.

For those children with vitiligo background should do a good job in health care. Vitiligo although have genetic factor, but get vitiligo purely because of genetic factor did not appeared at present. Generally speaking, the vitiligo onset only under the effects of vitiligo genetic factor and external environment stimulation combine together. So the children with vitiligo genetic background should pay more attention to their health care and nursing, scientific diet, avoid over exposure to sunlight, mental stimulation, cultivate a good life habits and avoid external injuries to prevent the vitiligo onset. Once their skin have abnormal phenomenon, they should go to the regular hospital to receive comprehensive tests and treatment. If you have any question about how to decrease the vitiligo genetic factor, welcome mail to


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