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How To Prevent The Vitiligo Recurrent

how to prevent vitiligo recurrentHow to prevent the vitiligo recurrent after it recovered? In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about it. If the patient’s vitiligo recovered, they should also need to do a good job in health cares. In the following parts, I’d like to make a brief introduction about how to prevent the vitiligo recurrent.

1. Enhance physical condition to improve their ability to anti virus. Long term anxious, negative emotions can activate this disease. So the vitiligo patients should keep a good emotion even their vitiligo recovered.

2. Have a healthy live and work environment. The patient’s living in the damp environment, over exposure to the sunlight, have a cold, friction all can induce vitiligo.

3. Prevent disease and infection. The frostbiting and external injuries all can induce vitiligo.

4. Insist the treatment and consolidate the treatment effects. The vitiligo patients clinical recovered, it’s immunity ability and micro circulation obstruction did not recovered into the normal state. So after it clinical recovered from vitiligo that is the vitiligo disappeared completely, the vitiligo patients should take the consolidation treatment for a treatment course.

5. Vitiligo patients should insist their treatment and don’t hesitate to their treatment. The vitiligo patients should go to the hospital to diagnose and treat their vitiligo earlier. The patients with shorter sick time and smaller vitiligo areas will get better treatment effects.

6. Diet regulation. Diet is a important way to regulate the vitiligo patient’s health condition. The healthy diet can consolidate the treatment effects and effectively control their vitiligo recurrent. The improper diet might cause their vitiligo worsen or relapse.

7. Vitiligo patients should avoid external injuries and ultraviolet ray and other harmful irradiation.

The vitiligo patients should avoid external injuries, in they get external injuries, they need to handle it timely.

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