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Does Children Will Have Mental Problem Because Of Vitiligo

does vitiligo children will have mental problemsVitiligo is a common skin disease and also a disease damage the mental and physical health of the patients. It not only will brought great damage to the patient’s health but also can seriously damage the patient’s mental health. So for children vitiligo patients, the vitiligo existence will brought adverse influence for their mental and physical development.

Vitiligo will have no itch and pain feeling, only have white spots present in their skin. Generally speaking, these white spots will not make the patients feel pain. Because of that, some patients pay no attention to this problem and finally delayed their disease. The children is quite young, if there are white spots present in their skin, they are hard to found. If their parents don’t pay attention to their children physical condition, ignore their white spots, after their disease expand, it will brought much harm to the children both in physical and in mental.

The children quite young their consciousness did not formed completely, they often have no complex mental activity, their cognitive development is relatively low, belong to basically have no consciousness, their thinking action in the intuitive phase, their action to their disease sometimes might through their parent’s fear, anxious, sad have certain understanding and reaction about their disease. They understood their disease as they lost their parents care and feel angry, worry and lead to their action degenerated.

The children entering the mature stage, their cognitive development is quickly, their already have abstract memory, their abstract thinking mode also quickly developed. The children in the late stage of the childhood, they already have quite strong thinking ability, their emotional experience is also more profound. The children in this stage if can not master the knowledge and skills synchronize with their peers, they will feel inferior to others. The children at preschool age also have more experience in disease than others, they also have more skills to cope with it. So they express stronger sense of control and handle ability for the treatment degree and their tense situation.

In this stage, if their parents don’t tell their kids that their vitiligo need take medicine for a long time to cure their vitiligo, the children in this stage will understood their vitiligo as forever, irreversible disease, they will produce fear and disappointment feelings.

If their negative emotions did not ease timely, these emotions will brought adverse influence to their mind and personality developments, and make them become introvert, inferiority, bad temper, extreme and etc. So their parents need to pay attention to their kid’s mental health. If they found their kids have any negative emotions, they should help them get rid of these emotions, they should communicate with their kids and encourage them and comfort them, if it is necessary, they can communicate with their teachers to help their kids grow up healthy.

Vitiligo can cause serious mental problems for children, if their vitiligo did not treated timely, it will have adverse influence to their future and life. So for their physical health, for their happy childhood, for their beautiful future, the parents of vitiligo children should take them go to a specialist vitiligo hospital to receive comprehensive diagnosis. If you have any question about whether vitiligo can cause mental problem to vitiligo children, welcome mail to


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