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Individual Difference In Vitiligo Treatment

individual difference in vitiligo treatment processVitiligo is a pigment loss chronic skin disease, the causes of vitiligo are quite complex, the individual difference and the patient’s vitiligo condition will influence their treatment. What is individual difference? That means age, mental state, personalities, disposition, physical condition and other factors of the vitiligo patients. All these factors can influence the vitiligo treatment. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the individual difference in vitiligo treatment.

The vitiligo patients have that question during their vitiligo treatment process that if two patients both have vitiligo on hands, some patients can get better treatment effects than the other patient. The individual difference will influence their vitiligo treatment effects.

The factors can influence individual treatment effects mainly caused b the melanocyte distribution numbers, the melanocyte active degree, the hair follicle distribution density, the vitiligo courses and etc. Vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, the patients need to have enough patience during their treatment process.

The influence of melanocyte distribution number and activity degree to the treatment effects mainly present in the melanocyte distribution number in different sites of the body have obvious difference which cause the color difference in different parts of their body, this factor also influence the patient’s treatment effects. Such as the melanocyte distribution density is larger in face and the activity is strong, the melanin metabolism is exuberant, so the facial vitiligo treatment will have better treatment effects than in other sites. The sick time of vitiligo patients is shorter, their vitiligo cure speed is faster. The melanocyte number in the abdomen is the less, with low activity, the treatment effects is worse and the treatment courses is longer.

The density of the hair follicle distribution also have influence for the treatment effects of vitiligo. Because the normal melanocyte is a functional melanocyte, it can synthesize the melanin. The density of the hair follicle closely related with the ages, gender, sites of the body. The hair follicle in forehead, cheeks is four to six times than in the trunk, arms and legs. That is one of the factors why the facial vitiligo treatment effects is better than the abdomen vitiligo treatment effects.

The sick time have influence for vitiligo patients mainly because of the patients with shorter sick time, the melanocyte in the vitiligo site did not completely destroyed, there still have inactivity melanin in the that part. But the patient’s with longer sick time, the melanin in vitiligo sites did not completely destroyed, only depend on the regeneration of the melanocyte have no function and activity in the middle and bottom of the hair follicle, it’s hard to get treatment effects. If their vitiligo developed into a serious state, when their hair in vitiligo sites become white, their vitiligo treatment will become very difficult.

So the vitiligo patients should treat their vitiligo earlier. This point should get enough attention from the patients and doctors. If you have any question about the individual difference in vitiligo treatment, welcome mail to


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