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Does Copper Tableware Have Treatment Effects For Vitiligo

copper table ware treatment effects for vitiligoThe vitiligo is a localized depigmentation disease, the pathogenesis of vitiligo is quite complex. The causes of vitiligo includes lack of trace elements, immune system disorder, internal and external trauma and etc. Among these factors, lack of trace elements especially lack of copper, zinc, iron iodine these trace elements is the important factor cause vitiligo. So some vitiligo patients want to eat with copper tableware to treat their vitiligo. Does it have treatment effects for their vitiligo? In the following part, I’d like make a brief introduction about this point.

Copper is one of the necessary trace elements in our body, it have very important influence to the blood, central nerve, immune system, hairs, skin, skeleton tissues, brain, liver, heart and other internal organs. The adult should intake trace copper everyday. The middle ages and old ages copper utilization rate is quite low because of their digestive and absorptive function decreased. Moreover the elderly people their tooth loss cause their food not chewed completely, these factor also influence the copper absorption. We know the trace elements are necessary to our health.

The lack of copper have great influence to our health. Lack of copper easy cause their bone changes such as osteoporosis, easy fracture, coronary heart disease, prematurely gray, senile dementia, vitiligo, female infertility, anemia and many other diseases. So the vitiligo patients need to supply the copper element.

The copper ion is the important cofactor for tyrosinase, it closely related with the activity of tyrosinase. If the tyrosinase activity decrease, the melanin synthesis also will decrease and will induce the skin have white spots. So the vitiligo patients can contact more copper tableware in their daily life such as copper spoon, copper kettle, copper bowl, copper chopsticks and etc. Use copper tableware in their daily life have good preventive and treatment effects for those diseases I mentioned above. So use copper tableware can help vitiligo patients to treat their vitiligo. But there are a lot of clinical observation proves that the treatment effects of the copper tableware for vitiligo is not obvious. So the vitiligo patients want to get rid of their vitiligo, they need to receive the systemic and scientific treatment. If you have any question about the copper tableware treatment effects for vitiligo, welcome mail to


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