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Does Phototherapy Can Cure Vitiligo

does phototherapy can treat vitiligoPhototherapy is a common treatment for vitiligo at present. Phototherapy is a advanced treatment, it can activate the remain melanocyte to produce the melanin in certain part of the vitiligo. But this treatment can only treat the symptoms but can not treat the causes, it must combine with the internal and external use medicine to treat vitiligo. So vitiligo can not cured only by phototherapy. In the following part, I will make surround this point to make an analysis.

Vitiligo treatment need to combine the patient’s disease courses and their vitiligo condition to choose the treatment according to their own physical condition. The clinical treatments for vitiligo at present include surgery, phototherapy, medication treatment, injection and etc. These treatments need according to the patient’s individual conditions to choose, the earlier treatment, the better for them. They should avoid missing the best treatment time.

There are several points vitiligo patients should pay attention to when treat their vitiligo.

1. They should have a better knowledge about the common sense of the vitiligo. Vitiligo although will not brought pain and itch feelings to us, but if the vitiligo not treated in timely, with the vitiligo development, it can cause the hairs in vitiligo site become white. Vitiligo can occur in any part of the body, the patients must strengthen their knowledge about vitiligo, they should notice the importance of the treatment in the early stage of their vitiligo and systemic treatment to treat vitiligo.

2. The vitiligo patients should receive comprehensive tests before they receive the treatment. Many vitiligo patients panic-stricken and blindly treat their vitiligo after they have vitiligo. They will try every treatments they heard from the little birds and finally worsen their vitiligo. So before we receive the treatment, we need to optimistically face the vitiligo, carefully diagnose it and find out the true causes of their vitiligo. That can provide more information for the doctors to know their disease development situation and make proper treatment plan for them.

3. Treat the vitiligo according to it’s causes and symptoms. Vitiligo seems all the same, but in fact, it have different presentation in every vitiligo patients. So during the treatment process, the doctor need to treat the vitiligo according to the patient’s physical condition and symptoms. Only in that way, can they make sure the patients can see the treatment effects earlier. So the vitiligo patients need to receive the help from a specialist vitiligo hospital or institution to help them make a personal treatment plan. Only in that way, can they make sure their vitiligo can be cured earlier.

At present, the most effective treatment for vitiligo are combine western medicine and Chinese medicine, internal treatment and external treatment, treat symptoms and causes. So vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, only phototherapy can not cure vitiligo. If you have any question about vitiligo, welcome mail to


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