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Photochemical Therapy To Treat Vitiligo

photochemical therapy to treat vitiligoVitiligo is a pigment loss skin disease, there are many treatments and medicines in the market to treat vitiligo. Among these treatments, photochemical therapy is also a very common treatment for vitiligo patients. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the photochemical therapy to treat vitiligo.

Photochemical therapy use the light irradiate or take the medicines and phototherapy to treat skin disease. PUVA is a photochemical therapy to treat vitiligo. This treatment can stimulate the melanophore divide and generate and increase it’s activity and finally can accelerate the melanin formation. It also can change the melanophore in the vitiligo site from the restoration type into oxidation type and promote the melanin expand. It also can cause the local skin induce inflammation reaction, destroy the sulfhydryl compounds in the skin and relieve local immune reaction.

The induce of vitiligo is because of the melanin in the epidermis destroyed, but the melanin in the hair ball often survived. So after irradiate by the UVA, the melanin pigment can regenerate.

There are several attentions for vitiligo patients when adopt the photochemical therapy to treat vitiligo.

1. They need to protect their eyes. They need to wear goggles during the treatment process.

2. The sites without vitiligo should covered by the opaque material during the treatment process.

3. Protect the exposure areas of the skin avoid sunlight irradiation.

4. Do three routines includes liver, kidney function, eye examination tests.

5. Avoid take other photosensitive medicines along with this treatment.

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