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Vitiligo Treatment New Progress

vitiligo treatment new progressVitiligo is a chronic stubborn depigmentation skin disease, the pathogenesis of vitiligo still remain unclear at present. Vitiligo treatment process generally longer than other disease, so during the treatment period, it is important to analyze the individual vitiligo patient’s condition and make treatment plan according to their own vitiligo conditions. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the vitiligo treatment new progress to you.

First, vitiligo treatment need distinguish the stages, the vitiligo in the disease courses can divided into stable stage and progressive stage. During the treatment, it is totally improper to treat ignore this point and blindly take some external use medicines. There are two principles the vitiligo treatment should follow. One is insist in the mainly treat their inner side and adjust the immune function of the body, endocrine function. If the patients have other diseases such as thyroid disease, diabetes, hepatopathy and etc, they should treat their vitiligo along with their other diseases. Vitiligo patients at progressive stage should avoid exposure to the intense sunlight or ultraviolet ray to avoid heaven their melanophore burden and increase the metabolic toxic substances induced by the melanin and finally worsen the melanophore self destruction. Meanwhile, the patients in the progressive stage can not apply some external medicines with strong stimulating effects. That medicines can stimulate the local skin and damage the melanophore which can worsen the immune system disorder and induce the vitiligo expand or spread.

Vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease easy to relapse, so the vitiligo patients need to insist in post consolidation treatment, there are two points vitiligo patients need pay attention to.

1. The vitiligo patients continue the treatment they received before for two to three months after their vitiligo cured is the first step. That step can make sure that their body completely restore to the normal state and can prevent their vitiligo relapsed again because of some external stimuli.

2. Keep good diet habits even after their vitiligo cured. The diet of vitiligo patients need have certain control, because vitiligo is a disease easy to relapse. So the specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital suggest the vitiligo patients should eat more beans and nuts, eat less stimulating foods. The vitiligo patients also need to avoid eating too much foods contains too much vitamin C. The patients with vitiligo in early stage is earlier to cure. But there are several individual factors can cause the time they get the treatment effects is different such as causes, sites of the vitiligo and the individual life style of every vitiligo patients.

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