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How To Get Rid Of Vitiligo From The Root

how to get rid of the vitiligo from the rootVitiligo is a common disease in our life, what influence does vitiligo bring to our life? There are many people don’t know much about this disease, in this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about it and tell you how to get rid of vitiligo from the root.

Vitiligo caused mainly by the melanophore in our body damaged and can not form melanin and finally cause the depigmentation phenomenon. So treat vitiligo is to promote the melanin pigment formation in our body, that need certain period of time to finish. How long does the initial treatment effect will show after receive the treatment? According to the treatment reports around the world shows that the time to show the treatment effects generally around 15 days to 30 days, if the patients can not get the expected treatment effects, they should contact with their attending doctor timely to adjust their treatment plan under the doctor’s instruction.

Because vitiligo is a chronic disease, so the vitiligo treatment is relatively quite systemic. While adopt the medication treatment, the patients also need to pay attention to their daily diet, work and rest, living environment and other factors. That is what we called daily health care.

Congenital vitiligo is a primitive, limited or generated skin depigmentation phenomenon, it induced by the tyrosinase system function decreased in the melanophore of the skin and hair follicle. The skin lesion have no pigment with different shapes and sizes, it can occur in any partt of the body and the edge of the vitiligo is clear, the pigment in the edge is deeper, the hair follicle in the vitiligo become white.

Traumatic vitiligo is a acquired, generative skin depigmentation disease, it is a common skin disease influence the patient’s appearance. It is easy to diagnose and hard to treat. Traditional Chinese medicine called it BaiDian or BaiBoFeng. The vitiligo caused by the trauma, surgery, scratch called traumatic vitiligo.

If the vitiligo patients do a good job in the treatment process, good health care can accelerate their vitiligo healing speed. If the vitiligo patients always feel depressed, anxious and etc, these negative emotions can cause their nerve system disfunction and cause their melanin synthesis hindered. If that situation linger for a long time, it will cause their vitiligo worsen. So the vitiligo patients must keep a good emotion, only in that way, their vitiligo can be cured finally.

only insist in combine the scientific treatment and health care togenther, the vitiligo patients can have the chance to get rid of the vitiligo from the root. If you have any question about how to get rid of the vitiligo from the root, welcome mail to


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