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Symptoms And Treatment For Vitiligo Patients

skin scan equipmentVitiligo not only can influence the patient’s appearance but also can influence many aspects of their life. Vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, once it spread, it quite hard to treat. So the vitiligo patients should treat their vitiligo as earlier as possible to avoid it delayed. So what about the symptoms of vitiligo and the common treatments for vitiligo? In the following part, I will make a brief introduction about these.

Vitiligo in the early stage only have one or several white spots with shallow white color. The vitiligo patients can not feel itch or pain. The vitiligo often appear on the exposed or friction areas. Some can distribute in single side of the body, other can distribute symmetrically and normally it will not disappear automatically.

The treatments for vitiligo.

1. Medication treatment.

There are two kinds of medication treatment one is PUVA, take the psoralen and then irradiate the vitiligo with long wave ultraviolet ray. The other one is take the corticosteroid. This medicine only apply to the vitiligo with small size.

2. Laser treatment.

Laser have obvious photothermal interaction to the skin mucosa, the energy of laser is concentrate, the penetration effects is strong, it can promote the metabolism and strengthen the vitality of the cell, improve local tissue nutrition and accelerate the vitiligo healing process.

3. Surgery treatment.

Surgery to treat vitiligo includes epidermal skin grafting surgery and melanin planting surgery. The advantage of these two treatments is it have quick treatment effects and can control their vitiligo development quickly, but the precondition to take this treatment is the vitiligo of the patients in the stable stage.

4. Traditional Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo.

The Chinese medicine with a long history, it have a unique view in the vitiligo treatment. Normally speaking, the patient’s with different physical condition, so the treatment also should different. The Chinese medicine adopt syndrome differentiation during the vitiligo treatment process.

Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine to treat vitiligo. The specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital innovated UM-D systemic vitiligo treatment according to many years clinical experience, this treatment pay special attention to prevent the vitiligo relapse. There are four steps in the treatment process. One is systemic tests to find out the causes of the vitiligo, the second step is to stop the vitiligo spread, the third step is restore the color of vitiligo, the four step is prevent it relapse. This treatment treat pay attention to treat vitiligo both from the symptoms and causes and achieved great success in vitiligo treatment.

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