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Vitiligo Treatment Attentions And Symptoms

vitiligo treatment attentions and symptomsVitiligo treatment attentions.

1. The vitiligo patients should go to the specialist hospital to diagnose and treat their vitiligo once they found they have vitiligo. The patients frequently visit the hospital with short vitiligo course and small size vitiligo, their treatment effects is relatively better, many patients can be cured completely.

2. The vitiligo patients should carefully take external medicines, hormones. External medicines often have side effects to the skin such as cause the blister and fester and etc.

3. Vitiligo in the begin of their treatment should have long time treatment plan. The vitiligo treatment often divided into three courses, one treatment course is three months.

4. Vitiligo patients should avoid frequently change their medicines. Generally speaking it need to judge whether the medicine have treatment effects at least need half year. So frequently change the medicine will cause the misdiagnosis and mistreatment of vitiligo.

Vitiligo patients should continue the treatment after their vitiligo restore the color to avoid it relapse.

Treatments for vitiligo present in different symptoms.

1. Vitiligo with shallow white color.

The vitiligo present shallow white color it means the damage level is the lightest. That means the melanocyte function not damaged too much, in that time only use some external medicine can activate the melanocyte function completely.

2. Vitiligo with cloud white color.

The vitiligo is quite serious when present that color. That means the melanocyte function in the vitiligo areas damaged quite serious, in that time, only take some external use medicines or orally take medicines with quite bad treatment effects. That means the patients had better to receive the melanocyte planting surgery.

3. Milky white vitiligo.

Vitiligo present with milky white color that means the vitiligo is very serious. The melanocyte function in the vitiligo areas not destroyed completely. In that time, when combine the orally take medicine with external use medicine to treat vitiligo, they can see the melanin island appear on the vitiligo areas. Most of the vitiligo can be cured.

4. Porcelain white vitiligo.

If the vitiligo present that color, that means their melanocyte function in their vitiligo areas almost destroyed. In that time, only by planting the melanocyte with the special medical equipment in the vitiligo sites, their vitiligo can be cured completely.

What I mentioned above are the vitiligo symptoms and treatment attentions, wish it can help you in your treatment process, if you have any question about the vitiligo symptoms and treatment attentions, welcome mail to


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