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Common Treatments For Vitiligo

common treatments for vitiligo Vitiligo is a chronic and stubborn skin disease and the pathogenesis is quite complex. Different vitiligo patients can show different reaction to the same medicine. Some can get good treatment effects , some get normal treatment effects and even have patient’s can not get any treatment effects. So there are many medical institution in many areas around the world are studying and finding a specific medicine or treatment for vitiligo. But in fact the more medicines and treatments in market, it is more obvious showed there are no specific medicine and treatment for vitiligo. Therefore most of the treatments with tentative features. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the common therapies for vitiligo treatment in the world for your reference.

1. Purely western medicine to treat vitiligo.

2. Purely Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo.

3. Combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine to treat vitiligo.

4. Combine the orally take medicine with external use medicines to treat vitiligo.

5. Surgery to treat vitiligo.

6. Phototherapy and chemotherapy to treat vitiligo.

According to many years clinical experience, combine the traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, topical treatment with holistic treatment together to treat vitiligo will get best treatment effects. What worth to mention is the in the phototherapy, the NB-UVB phototherapy will have better treatment effects and less side effects to vitiligo patients compared with the PUVA. The external treatment for vitiligo mainly use the external use medicines especially for those small size vitiligo. If the vitiligo is generalized vitiligo, or the vitiligo expand in short period, the treatment need combine orally take medicine to control the vitiligo expansion. The causes of vitiligo is quite complex, the types, stages and sites of vitiligo also have great difference, so the treatment often have certain tentative features. Vitiligo is a curable disease, medication treatment is the main way to treat vitiligo. For those vitiligo patients who get vitiligo because of depression should adopt the mental therapy to help them treat vitiligo.

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