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What Causes Vitiligo Hard To Cure

what causes vitiligo hard to cureVitiligo is a depigmentation skin disease which is easy to diagnose but hard to cure. Many patients treated for a long time but hard to cure even get some treatment effects. What causes vitiligo hard to cure? In the following part, I’d like to introduce three factors causes the vitiligo hard to cure.

1. Blindly take medicines.

Many patients take medicine not under the doctor’s instruction, they blindly take medicines in the market used to treat vitiligo and ignore their vitiligo symptoms and types. Some vitiligo patients ill trying everything and finally influence the diagnosis and treatment of their vitiligo. Vitiligo is a depigmentation chronic skin disease and easy to relapse, it can not easily cured by one medicine. The vitiligo patients should turn to the doctors and let the professional doctor systemically study the patient’s vitiligo causes, types and whether their vitiligo is in the progressive period these factors to make treatment plan and then systemically treat their vitiligo.

2. Not treated systemically.

Many patients find the quacks to treat their vitiligo instead of the professional doctors, some vitiligo patients even frequently change the medicines to treat their vitiligo and treatment process is not continuously which influence the diagnosis and treatment of their vitiligo. Some vitiligo patients adopt epidermal skin grafting surgery even their vitiligo in not in the stable stage which cause their vitiligo expand in large areas after the surgery. Some vitiligo patients with wound and scars in their vitiligo areas which make their vitiligo areas appear many scars after the surgery. Some vitiligo patients blindly take medicine although they have allergic physique which causes systemic anaphylaxis.

3. Don’t receive the systemic diagnosis.

Many vitiligo patients treat their vitiligo without correct diagnosis, don’t distinguish their vitiligo types and don’t find the causes of their vitiligo, they treat their vitiligo without purpose, that influence many vitiligo patients long term take medicine still hard to cure their vitiligo. Some patient’s vitiligo even worsen and expand in large size. All these factors cause the vitiligo patients miss the best treatment time.

So vitiligo patients should treat their vitiligo in a specialist vitiligo hospital. Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital is one of the largest specialist vitiligo hospital in Beijing, the specialists innovated UM-D multidimensional vitiligo treatment based on many years vitiligo treatment. The specialists make targeted treatment plan according to the patient’s vitiligo types, causes and the patient’s themselves physique to systemically treat their vitiligo. This treatment combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine along with some large scale medical equipment to treat their vitiligo, it also combine the internal treatment, external treatment, topical treatment and holistic treatment to treat vitiligo.

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