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Vitiligo Treatment Duration

vitiligo treatment durationVitiligo causes are relatively complex, it is a chronic stubborn skin disease and easy to relapse. For the vitiligo patients, the question they concerned most is how long they can see the treatment effects after receive the treatment? In the article, I’d like to explain the treatment duration of vitiligo to you briefly.

The specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates that it need at least 6 to 12 weeks the vitiligo patients can see the treatment effects according to the reports from home and abroad. When the patients asked about the question how long they can judge a treatment or a medicine whether have treatment effects to their vitiligo or not, the doctor’s answer is at least lead to continuously take at least 3 months, then they can judge whether the treatment or medicine have treatment effects or not. That because the healthy melanocyte growth cycle is about 75 days. The melanocyte in the basal layer of epidermis in the skin is a important factor to influence the vitiligo condition. The melanocyte damaged is the important factor to influence the melanocyte function. The melanocyte recovery or restore it’s function need a period of time. The time need to take is longer than the cell growth cycle of the healthy cells. From the clinical conclusion of the causes of the vitiligo, the color and areas of vitiligo are the important factors to influence the treatment duration of vitiligo. The localized vitiligo need to treat at least two months, the acrol or large area vitiligo need to treat at least 3 months and then vitiligo patients can distinguish the treatment effects of a medicine. If the patient’s want to completely recovery from their vitiligo, it need a longer time. So the vitiligo patients should cooperate with their doctor during their treatment process.

Vitiligo treatment duration need quite a long time, the patients should give up the thought treat their vitiligo treat their vitiligo once and for all. They need to have enough patience during the treatment process.

How many factors can influence the vitiligo treatment duration?

1. Onset time of vitiligo.

Generally speaking, the onset time of vitiligo is shorter, the treatment effects they get will better. If the onset time is longer, it is harder to treat their vitiligo. So vitiligo patients with short course, the melanocyte in their vitiligo areas not completely destroyed, their still have the some melanocyte with vitality, so it is earlier to treat. If the course is too long, the melanin pigment in the vitiligo area destroyed completely, only depend on the melanocyte in the middle and bottom of hair follicles have no activity and function, the treatment is relatively much difficult, if the vitiligo developed into the stage when the hairs in vitiligo all become white, their treatment will become quite difficult even some of the vitiligo patients can not get any treatment effects.

2. The areas of the vitiligo lesion.

The treatment effects of vitiligo is closely related with the sizes of the skin lesion. When the vitiligo in the size of rice and fingernails, the cure time is about 3 to 10 month. When there are only one patch of vitiligo in the body, the size of vitiligo is palm large, the cure time is about 8 to 14 months.

3. Skin lesion areas.

The vitiligo on the face with quicker treatment effects, it is much easier to treat. Followed by the head, neck, back, chest, hips, waist, abdomen, hands, feet and mucosa areas. The arms and legs, joints, mucosa areas with longer treatment course and lower cure rate. The hairs in the head become white is harder to treat. Their eyebrows become white easier to treat but the eyelashes is harder to treat.

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