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Attentions For Vitiligo On Face

vitiligo on faceVitiligo on face that means the face have white spots. Vitiligo on face often happened in many areas of the world. The vitiligo on face most occur in tropical and subtropical countries. So vitiligo on face closely related with the areas and climates. In this article, I'd like to make a brief introduction about the symptoms and attentions for vitiligo on face.

What is vitiligo on face?

The vitiligo on face can singly occur and multiple occur, the vitiligo can merged into large patches. The size of vitiligo is different, the shape is irregular. The hair in vitiligo can become white.

Attentions for vitiligo patients in the treatment process.

Vitiligo is a chronic disease with longer treatment course, the patient’s themselves should have patience to their vitiligo.

1. Receive the regular treatment as soon as possible: if the patients found they have vitiligo on face, first time treatment is necessary. The patients need to the hospital to receive regular treatment. The vitiligo on face have great damage to their appearance, it also will have certain damage to their mental health.

2. Don’t believe in so called home remedies: the patients should avoid improper acts during their treatment process to prevent their vitiligo on face worsen. First vitiligo patients should not rely on some so called folk remedies. The causes of vitiligo is quite complex, blindly believe some specific medicines to treat vitiligo not only can not treat vitiligo but also worsen their vitiligo condition.

3. Don’t blindly take medicines: some vitiligo patients blindly take medicines to treat their vitiligo especially take hormone medicines. Hormone medicine have the effects of immune suppress and anti inflammatory effects, it have quick treatment effects for vitiligo on face. But although the treatment effects is quite obviously, but once stop taking the medicines their vitiligo will recurrent.

Health cares for vitiligo on face.

1. Abstain the cigarettes, wines and spicy foods.

2. Avoid eating too much foods rich in vitamin C.

3. Avoid directly contact with the chemical materials, paint coatings, heavy metal salts and other harmful substances.

4. Keep good mood state, avoid negative emotions and mental pressure.

4. Avoid over exposure to the intense sunlight to damage the melanocyte and cause the vitiligo phenomenon.

Vitiligo on face seriously damage the patient’s appearance, the vitiligo patients should do a good job in health cares in their daily life. If you have any question about the attentions for vitiligo on face, welcome mail to


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