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3 Therapies For Vitiligo Patients

machine for vitiligo treatmentMany people are suffering from vitiligo, many of them hide their vitiligo and take no remedial measures to their vitiligo which provide the chances for many cheaters, make the vitiligo patients not only can not have treatment result but also spent a lot of money. So vitiligo patients must choose correct treatments for their vitiligo. The specialist in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital introduce some treatments for vitiligo patients.

1. Medication treatment for vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a primitive skin pigment loss disease. Some vitiligo in the exposed areas which make the patients easy suffer from the mental pressures both from inside and outside. Many patients choose medicines to treat their vitiligo. If they want to choose medicines to treat their vitiligo, they can try to take some Chinese medicines, Chinese medicine with mild medical properties and not only treat the symptoms of vitiligo, but also can treat the causes of the vitiligo. If they want make fully use of the Chinese medicines, they can try Chinese medicine bath and Chinese medicine fumigation. These treatments make the skin to absorb the medicine other than the mouth which avoid some side effects of the medicines to the intestines and stomach and improve the usage rate of the medicine. The Chinese medicine can promote the blood circulation to remove the meridian obstructions, nourish the skin and hairs, promote the melanin synthesize.

2. Mental therapy for vitiligo patients.

The pressures vitiligo patients suffered often heavier than the normal people. Moreover there are many people in the society discriminate the vitiligo patients and vitiligo is a stubborn chronic disease, the treatment course of vitiligo is longer than other diseases which make the vitiligo patients suffered from the mental and economic pressures. Many vitiligo patients will have negative emotions. So the vitiligo patients not only should cooperate with their doctor to treat their vitiligo, they also should learn to adjust their mental state, the doctor should offer mental counseling for some vitiligo patients according to their negative emotions. They doctors should try to help the patients set up the confidence to fight against the vitiligo and face their life with optimistic attitude. All these measures are good for their vitiligo recovery.

3. surgical treatment for vitiligo.

Surgery treatment is the most common treatment for vitiligo, it mainly divided into autologous epidermal skin grafting surgery and melanin pigment planting surgery. The advantages of these treatments are for the vitiligo in the stable stage it have quicker treatment effects and can control their vitiligo condition in a short time, these surgeries many suit for the vitiligo patients in the stable stage. These treatments should carefully used or will worsen the vitiligo and cause some other adverse consequences.

The three therapies I mentioned above cooperate with each other to treat vitiligo can get better treatment effects. The vitiligo patients can refer to the treatments the specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital introduced to find the best treatments for their vitiligo. Vitiligo can seriously damage the patient’s mental and physical health, so it need treated earlier. If you have any question about vitiligo, welcome mail to


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