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The Remedies And Causes Of Vitiligo

the remedies and causes of vitiligoThe attending specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates vitiligo is a common pigmented skin disease, characterized by the localized pigment loss and have white spots present at the skin. The vitiligo on the early stage with light color, two months later will form obvious white spots. Vitiligo is not a contagious disease with low heredity rate, it will not cause other negative influences to other parts of the body. If the patients keep the regular life habits, most of the vitiligo patients at early stage can cured. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the causes and remedies of vitiligo.

Immune function disorder is the main cause of the vitiligo.

The specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates the vitiligo heredity rate is only occupy around 5%, the immune function disorder is the main cause of the vitiligo. Now many people with irregular life habits, with huge work pressures, anxious mental state, often stay up too late for work, have unbalanced diet, their body often under the overload state and finally cause their immune function disorder. Once their immune function disorder will cause the immune system disfuncition and kill the melanocyte in the body which finally cause vitiligo.

The remedies for vitiligo.

Cultivate the good life habits can help the recovery of immune function.

Generally speaking, if the vitiligo patients change their life habits, their immune function can finally recovered. If the patients do not change their bad life habits, their immune function will continuously disorder, even their vitiligo cured by the medicines, it also will relapse. Moreover, it’s the immune function disorder not the immune function ability decrease, so take the medicine to improve the immunity also have no much effects.

The vitiligo treatment need time, in the recovery period, if the patients with vitiligo on face feel the vitiligo damage their appearance and have negative influences to their work, study and love affairs, they can buy some concealers in the regular pharmacy to cover it.

The vitiligo patients can properly exposure to ultraviolet radiation to increase the melanocyte in their body, but over exposure or long time exposure to the intense sunlight can cause isomorphic reaction and cause the newly vitiligo on the sunburn areas.

The vitiligo patients should avoid eating too much foods rich in vitamin C such as tomatoes, citrus and etc. The vitamin C can curb the formation of melanin. So the vitiligo patients must cultivate a regular life habits. The immune function disorder not only can cause the vitiligo, it also can cause many other diseases such as hyper thyroid disease and etc.

The vitiligo patients take medicines should under the guidance of the doctors.

The vitiligo patients can not blindly take medicines, because many medicines contains psoralen which is a photosensitizer can stimulate the pigment generation and achieve the purpose to treat vitiligo. But it need carefully used. If it improperly used, it can react with the ultraviolet ray and produce strong side effects which can cause the skin red, swell, inflammatory even will cause cataract.

Moreover, the lack of trace elements and tyrosinase activity decrease is also can influence the melanin synthesis, which also one of the causes of the vitiligo.

Vitiligo patients should receive systemic treatments to treat vitiligo. Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital innovated the UM-D multidimensional vitiligo treatments based on many years clinical experiences of specialists, it combine the traditional Chinese medicine with the western medicine have great effects to treat vitiligo. If you have any question about the remedies and causes of the vitiligo, welcome mail to


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