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Vitiligo Laser Treatment

Vitiligo Laser TreatmentVitiligo is a condition in which white patches develop on the skin. Any location on the body can be affected and most people with vitiligo have white patches on many areas of the body。

When it comes to the treatment of Vitiligo, it needs a long procedure. In some cases vitiligo treatment helps stop the spread of de-pigmentation and may bring back the pigmentation in some cases. But mostly it can just stabilize the spreading of the patches, so that it don`t occur more. To pigmentation where the Vitiligo is stable and does not spread various dermato-surgical techniques are used.

However, when it comes to the laser treatment for Vitiligo. This is also known as PUVA – psoralen, a light-sensitizing medication that helps enhance skin pigmentation. A compound of psoralen, which is an oral and external application that also given to the patient. The white patches or areas of the skin which have lost pigment are exposed to UVA light for a specific period of time.

Important facts on laser and vitiligo:

1,Laser treatment of vitiligo can be successful in some cases of vitiligo treatment.

2,Facial vitiligo responds best to laser therapy

3,Between 50-70 sessions of Eximer laser is needed to gauge success

4, Laser treatment has more commonly side effects when it compared to phototherapy

5,Laser therapy for vitiligo is not covered under Medicare, unlike phototherapy

6,Vitiligo laser treatment is last resort treatment for vitiligo, as other treatments are more effective, more cost effective and have a lower risk of side effects

Many scientific medical treatment has been found to cure vitiligo , but among all of it, Laser treatment is the latest, most effective and the quickest treatment for curing vitiligo . Many patients who suffer from Vitiligo find laser treatments for efficient than other treatments. It is also more convenient as it does not involve any surgeries, such as skin grafting etc.

The laser treatment involves the use of excimer laser and a special fiber optic device which assists in focusing the beam of light on the area affected by Vitiligo. It concentrates on the light on the specific area keeping under consideration the intensity of light that it is enough to effectively treat the area without risking over exposure to ultraviolet rays.

The laser treatment works by stimulating the melanocytes, which are the cells responsible for the color of our skin. When these cells have been stimulated, they begin to start the production of melanin. This is the color given to the skin. This process helps in re-pigmentation of the skin tries to remove the white patches.

The laser treatmentis quite expensive as latest treatment . So it is very important that patients speak to their doctors clearly about what kind of treatment is best for their situation and condition.


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