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The Causes, Symptoms And Common Treatments For Vitiligo

causes, symptoms and common treatments for vitiligoVitiligo is a common depigmentation skin disease, this disease characterized by the localized or generalized white spots, it is a acquired stubborn chronic disease. In the following part, I'd like to make a brief introduction about the causes, symptoms and common treatments for vitiligo.

The causes of vitiligo.

The number of melanocyte in the skin decreased or disappeared cause the vitiligo happen. The specific mechanism is not quite clear. There are several theories about what cause the vitiligo. One is the nerve cell function abnormal and produce toxic substances to the melanocyte, our outoimmunity function disorder and attack and then destroy the melanocyte or melanocyte itself shortcomings, in the melanin pigment generation process formed some byproducts have toxic effects to itself. Moreover the vitiligo patients might have certain heredity flaws which makes the melanocyte easy to be destroyed.

The clinical presentation of vitiligo.

Vitiligo is depigmentation white spots or patches, the skin around it is normal. The size of depigmentation vary from several millimeters to several centimeters. In progressive period, the skin lesion can gradually enlarged and there are new white spots appeared continuously. The vitiligo on the people with shallow skin complexion is not quite obvious, but in the people with darker skin complexion, it quite obvious in contrast with the normal skin. Under the wood lamp, the edge of the vitiligo between the normal skin around it is quite obvious. Vitiligo can involve any part in the skin, normally distributed symmetrically on both sides. The rate of the hair in the vitiligo might become white vary from 10% to 60%. Vitiligo onset rate is quite high, there are one to two person might get vitiligo in 100 people in the world. About half of the people among these number get vitiligo before 20. About 1/5 vitiligo patients with family history of vitiligo. Most of the vitiligo patients with quite good physique condition.

The common treatments of vitiligo.


There are several types of phototherapy used to treat vitiligo such as 308nm excimer laser, narrow band UVB and other lasers, phototherapy instruments used to treat vitiligo. PUVA is a treatment adopt the psoralen add photosensitizer can promote the generation of the pigment, after intake the psoralen, the skin become very allergic to the light, and then use the specific UVA to irradiate the skin. This treatment need specific equipment.

Autologous epidermal grafting.

That means graft the normal skin to the vitiligo sites. This treatment suit to the patients with small size vitiligo and their disease in the stable stage. The pigments on recipient sites may not be able to fully recover.

Covering therapy.

Use the cosmetics, dyes, self-tanning compounds and etc have covering effects is the most simple way to cover vitiligo. But many this kind of products contains chemical products might stimulate the skin and cause the vitiligo enlarge finally. So the vitiligo patients if have other choice, they’d better avoid using this way.

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