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Symptoms And Treatment For Mucosa Vitiligo

symptoms and treatment of mucosa vitiligo

Mucosa vitiligo can occur separately, most appear on glans penis, mouth and lips, tongue, edge of the eyes and etc. Sometimes the vitiligo can occurred in the mucosa first and then expand to other parts. Different vitiligo should adopt different treatments, so learn about the common symptoms of mucosa vitiligo can help to treat it and prevent this type vitiligo expand to other areas. So in this article, I’d like to talk about the symptoms and treatments of mucaso vitiligo.

1. Mouth cavity mucosa vitiligo. The mucosa vitiligo also can appear in the mouth cavity, sometimes can occur in the lips and mouth, present milky white, grayish white, or grayish yellow with clear edge, there are inflammatory flush around the mucosa vitiligo. Sometimes the patients can feel itch and pain.

2. Mucosa vitiligo on glans penis and wrapper. The male vitiligo patients might have vitiligo on glans and wrapper, it often have no consciousness feelings. It often start with the size of needle or mung bean present as white patches. It will gradually increased and merged into larger white patches present in the shape of circular, oval and irregular shape with smooth and dry surface accompany with slight itch feeling.

The specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates the vitiligo on mucosa sites such as mouth, lips, glans penis, vagina, anus and etc. The melanin in the skin not only exist in the epidermis, it also exist in hair follicle. Although many patients their melanin pigment synthesis in the epidermis was destroyed but there hair did not damaged, the melanocyte in the hairs are the important source of melanocyte in the vitiligo treatment. But because the mucosa areas have no hairs, so generally speaking, the vitiligo on the mucosa areas have longer treatment course than other sites.

Because the specialty of these areas, the vitiligo treatment difficulty on these mucosa areas are quite large, so how many treatments for these areas?

1. Medication treatment: although externally applied medicines have poorer treatment effects, but adopt the injection can obviously increase the treatment effects. On one hand the patients can increase their physique condition and improve their qi and blood circulation by orally take medicines. On the other hand, through the Chinese medicine or Chinese patent medicine preparation can achieve the purpose of get rid of white spots.

2. Surgery treatment: for those mucosa vitiligo on the sexual parts, it is not suitable to adopt the surgery. Because on the one hand, the health care not easy to take after the surgery, the other hand is the operate difficulty is quite large. The mouth and lips are often move, so recipient sites stable is also not easy, so vitiligo on these parts also not suitable to adopt the surgery.

Phototherapy: the phototherapy treatment effects on the mouth and lips is quite obvious while the phototherapy rarely adopted to treat vitiligo on sexual parts. All in all the mucosa vitiligo is quite hard to treat compare with the vitiligo on other parts, so it need to patient cooperate with the doctor and keep the good mind state. If you have any question about the symptoms and treatments of vitiligo on mucosa, welcome mail to


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