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Attentions For Vitiligo On Arms

treatment of vitiligo on armsVitiligo on arms it means the patients with white spots on their arms. Vitiligo on arms can occur in any regions, vitiligo on arms occurred most in subtropical and tropical areas. The onset of vitiligo on arms closely related with the climate. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the attentions for vitiligo on arms.

What is vitiligo on arms?

The vitiligo appear on the arms, the number of skin lesion can single appear or multiple appear on the arms, the white spots on arms can gradually merged into large areas. The vitiligo with different shapes and sizes, the hairs in vitiligo area can become white.

There are several attentions for patients with vitiligo on arms:

The treatment of vitiligo on arms need longer time to treat, the patient themselves also need have certain patience to face the vitiligo on arms:

1. The patients with vitiligo on arms should receive normal treatment for their vitiligo as earlier as possible. The vitiligo on arms although in the unexposed area, but it might spread to the face, once it spread to the exposed area, it will greatly damaged the patient’s appearance and mental health.

2. Do not believe in some so called folk remedies: the inducements of vitiligo is quite complex, the patients with vitiligo on arms should believe in science. If they blindly take any so called fold remedies, not only can not treat vitiligo, in contrast, it will worsen their vitiligo.

3. Do not blindly take medicines: some patients blindly take medicines especially hormone medicines to treat their vitiligo. The hormone contains immune inhibitor and have antiinflammation effects. Although this kind of medicine have quick treatment effects for their vitiligo, but once stop using the medicine, their vitiligo will relapse very quickly.

4. Avoid smoking and drinking: eat less spicy and stimulating foods.

5. Patients with vitiligo on arms should avoid eating too much foods rich in vitamin C.

6. Morning exercise and sports should choose the place full of fresh air, decrease the harmful gases inhaled.

7. When they can not avoid directly contact with the chemical raw materials, paintings and heavy metal salts and other harmful substances, they need to do a good protective job.

8. Avoid mental swings, keep good mood state, face their vitiligo optimistically.

What I mentioned above are the basic introduction about some attentions for patients with vitiligo on arms, if you have any question about that, welcome mail to


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