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The Remedy For Vitiligo On Hands

vitiligo treatment on handsFor most people, vitiligo on hands is a chronic stubborn skin disease hard to treat. So there are some patients with vitiligo on their hands feel upset. Patients even vitiligo vitiligo on hands treated for long time but did not get any treatment effects can not give up to treat their vitiligo easily, they need actively take measures to treat their vitiligo on hands. In this article, I’d like to talk about some measures need to take to treat vitiligo on hands. Among these measures, diet therapy for patients with vitiligo on hands also very important. In the treatment of vitiligo on hands period, the epidermal skin grafting surgery combined with medicine to treat vitiligo on hands have quite good treatment effects for those vitiligo patients at stable stage.

What is the epidermal skin grafting surgery to treat vitiligo on hands?

Adopt the laser equipment to emit the specific photo spectrum and combined with the photosentisizer to promote the melanocyte growth in vitiligo lesion site on hands to restore the white spot’s color. For those vitiligo lesion lost it’s ability to regenerate the pigment, this area can adopt the epidermal skin grafting surgery combine the medicine to treat the vitiligo on hands. This surgery adopt the advanced equipment to plant the melanocyte into the vitiligo on hands to make up the pigment. For the melanocyte antibodies, it can combine the orally take medicine with the topical medicine to anti these antibodies to avoid the melanocyte destroyed. Combine the holistic treatment with topical treatment to consolidate the treatment effects to prevent the vitiligo on hands relapse.

Diet therapy for patients vitiligo vitiligo on hands.

Try to avoid intake vitamin C as much as possible, eat less or avoid eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C such as green peppers, tomatoes, citrus, grapefruits and etc. Eat more foods rich in copper, if the copper ion content in their body increased, their melanin pigment generation also increased. So the vitiligo patients should eat more snails, clams, mussels and etc rich in copper element. There are some foods good for patients with vitiligo on hands such as edible fungus, eggplants, walnuts, leek, black rice, elm leaves and etc. The vitiligo patients can eat more foods rich in mineral substances such as beef, rabbit meat, lean pork, animal livers, eggs, milk, fresh vegetables and etc.

The patients with vitiligo on hands also should keep optimistic attitude to face their vitiligo, they also need take protective measures to prevent sun when they need to go out, avoid long time stay in humid place and avoid external injuries to decrease the infectious, all those things food for the vitiligo treatment.

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