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Does NB UVB Have Side Effects In The Treatment Of Vitiligo

NB UVB treat vitiligoNB-UVB is a phototherapy apply to treat vitiligo in recent years, it much safer than UVA. In this article, I’d like to explain does NB UVB have side effects to vitiligo patients?

In the clinic, the vitiligo patients with I-III type skin should receive phototherapy about 200 times while the vitiligo patients with IV-VI type skin have no limitation in the treatment times. The specific treatment times should under the consideration of attending physicians and the vitiligo patient’s permission. We found long term use NB UVB to treat vitiligo is quite safer through clinical observation. That is important because many patients often require at least half year NB UVB treatment to completely restore their color.

The NB UVB applied in the psoriasis and dermatological treatment center in the university of California about 10 years. There is article about the NB UVB treat vitiligo mentioned about 10 vitiligo patients, 6 female vitiligo patients and 4 male vitiligo patients, their skin type is II-IV, they use NB UVB to treat their vitiligo for about 33 to 93 months. Their vitiligo onset age is between 3 to 33 years old. We found there are no patients with suspicious skin lesions or non melanoma skin cancer.

There is a report about the vitiligo patients with I-II skin type no matter they use NB UVB alone or not, compared with the normal people, there are no obvious increase in the rate to get melanoma skin cancer. It improved that the vitiligo skin lesion is not allergic to photo damage.

According to many years clinical test, concluded the vitiligo patients use NB UVB phototherapy to treat vitiligo, we found compared with normal people, the NB UVB have no obvious influence to the increase rate of the melanoma skin cancer.

Moreover there are three vitiligo patients with II-IV skin type treat their vitiligo with NB UVB to treat their vitiligo for about 52 to 72 months, also have patients adopt PUVA to treat their vitiligo for about 24 to 60 months. In these cases, we haven’t found the evidence to prove the NB UVB can cause the melanoma skin cancer. In white group people research process, long term use PUVA to treat vitiligo can increase the rate to get melanoma skin cancer. The data shows the vitiligo patients with dark complexion have light protective effect.

Besides topical use pimecrolimus and or tacrolimus combine with NB UVB to treat vitiligo is widely applied. There are a research proved this kind of combination will not cause the cancer.

For vitiligo patients, NB UVB is a long term use and effective vitiligo treatment choice.

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