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Chinese Medicine Fumigation Treat Vitiligo In 2017

Chinese medicine fumigation to treat vitiligoDid you heard of Chinese medicine fumigation? It is a unique effective therapy to treat vitiligo in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital, one of the largest specialist vitiligo hospital in China. In this article, I'd like to make a brief introduction about it for your reference.

1.Chinese fumigation concentrate the Chinese medicine therapy, thermal therapy, steam therapy and Chinese medicine ions infiltrate therapy and many other functions.

Merge the heat, damp, medicine concentrate into a whole body. Find out the causes of the disease to treat, the medicine prescribed according to the symptoms of the disease, it can effectively treat many skin diseases. This treatment can under the control of the computer, boil the Chinese medicine. It saved the traditional complex process that boil the medicine into liquid first. This treatment directly act on the body via a steady flow of medicine steam. It can dilate the blood vessels of the skin, promote the blood circulation of the surface skin tissue, improve the skin absorb effects, promote the sweat glands secret in large amount and accelerate the metabolism of the skin. The Chinese medicine particles (molecules and ions) escape from the fumigated medicine acted on the body can have the effects of activate the blood, get rid of the wind, insecticidal, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, relieve itching and pain and etc. Or it can exert the medicine therapy effects to get rid of the lesions.

2. Does Chinese fumigation is the most effective way to treat vitiligo?

The modern Chinese medicine fumigation therapy used in our hospital is combined the traditional Chinese medicine with modern medical instruments. It is a newly therapy used to treat vitiligo. Is a modernized fumigation therapy, the Chinese medicine used to treat vitiligo act on the skin directly to exert the treatment effects and get rid of the lesions. Chinese medicines holds that the vitiligo causes by internal factors and external factors. The external factors are the evil wind attack the skin or external injuries, the internal factors are the seven human emotions includes joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hate and desire these seven emotions express improper cause the blood stasis in the meridians cause the skin and hairs lost nutrition and finally induce vitiligo. So from the Chinese medicine theory syndrome differentiation, the causes of vitiligo can divided into three aspects: disorder of qi and blood. The blood stasis in the meridians, the deficiency of liver and kidney.

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