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Chinese Medicine To Treat Vitiligo in 2017

Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo in 20171. Does Chinese medicine have therapeutic effects to the vitiligo?

As for the specific efficacy, cure rate and treatment effects of Chinese medicine prescription and other relevant preparations used to treat vitiligo can be found in many treaties and reports in the academic circle.

The Chinese medicine also achieved some gratifying achievements in some Chinese patent medicines and traditional Chinese medicine extracts, I’d like to introduce those medicines in detail to you in the following part.

Chinese medicines used to regulate immune function: astragalus, codonopsis, atractylodes, poria, cornus officinalis and etc.

Chinese medicines used to Promote the tyrosinase activity: eclipta, figs, paeonol, psoralen, comfrey, vernonia anthelmintica and etc.

Chinese medicines can promote the melanocyte formation: tougucao, eclipta, madder, motherwort and etc.

Chinese medicines used to increase the photosensitive effects: fig, purslane, polygonum cuspidatum, cassia and etc.

Chinese medicines contains trace elements: natural copper, duckweed, mother of pearl and etc.

Chinese medicine have the effects of activate the blood and remove the stasis, improve the blood circulation: angelica, peach kernel, safflower, red peony, peony and etc.

The Chinese medicine treatment supply the insufficient of western medicine treatment. The Chinese medicine pay much attention to holistic treatment opinion.

Our hospital adopt the UM-D multidimensional treatment system which centered in traditional Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo, this treatment once cured nearly 180000, praised and well concerned by many vitiligo patients and scholars from all over the world. You can watch the video about the actual cases in our website.

2. How long it needs to take for Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo and get treatment effects?

Normally the epidermal skin cell growth period is about 475 hours equal to about 19 days. So the specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates the vitiligo patients should avoid blindly take medicines and believe in some quack doctors, because these wrong actions might even worsen their vitiligo.

According to the statistic data from home and abroad, generally speaking it need take 6 to 12 weeks for vitiligo patients to recover from their vitiligo. So when patients asked about how long it need to take to judge a medicine have treatment effects or not? The specialists in our hospital answered it at least need three months continuously take medicines than you can judge whether this medicine have treatment effects or not. According to the clinical practice, there are many factors can influence the medicine treatment effects, the vitiligo type is also one of the important factors among these. Localized vitiligo generally need to treat about two months. The segmental vitiligo, acro type or generalized vitiligo need to treat about three months then you can judge the treatment effects of the medicines. So the vitiligo patients should patiently cooperate with the specialists to treat their vitiligo, do not impatient about their recovery time, they need to care about their treatment effects. Of course all these data only for your reference, it can not treated as the treatment basis of every vitiligo patients. Different patients have difference in therapeutic effects evaluation.

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