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Chinese Medicine Treat Vitiligo

Chinese medicine treat vitiligo

1. Chinese medicine how to find vitiligo?

Chinese medicine called vitiligo as BaiBoFeng. Chinese medicine holds that vitiligo caused by the evil wind attack the epidermis, the epidermal skin with poor defensive function, cause the qi and blood deficiency can finally induce vitiligo.

In 1974, there are records about many surgical diseases in a book copied in silk excavated in the Mawangdui Tomb of Changsha. This book named prescriptions of fifty-two diseases Because it based on 52 diseases. This book originate in spring and warring states, it’s the earliest ancient medical book exist at present. This book records many skin diseases, among the book, the Baichu, BaiWuCou and other diseases includes the pigment loss diseases such as vitiligo. It also record the many treatments such as internal treatment, external treatment and combined internal and external treatment. It proves the Chinese medicine have some knowledge about vitiligo date back to 700 BC.

With the modern medicine development, the Chinese medicine treat vitiligo also combined some modern western medicine and advanced instrument to treat vitiligo. Except the orally intake decoctions, it also includes other style Chinese patent medicines such as capsule, tablet, pill, injections, powder, granule, ointment, agent, solution, cream and etc. It also introduce some modern treatments to the vitiligo treatment such as Chinese medicine bath, steam bath, Chinese medicine ion, intermediate frequency electric acupuncture and etc. In this article, I’d like to mainly introduce Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo for your reference.

2. Chinese medicine how to treat vitiligo based on syndrome differentiation theory?

From the surface, all the vitiligo symptom show no much difference, all present as white spots. But Chinese medicine holds that different vitiligo patients with different physique conditions, the treatment make also need to according to the patient’s individual difference. So the doctor need to make targeted treatment plan for every vitiligo patients. In the following part, I’d like to illustrate some examples.

Heat symptoms: this symptom equal to the vitiligo in the acute stage. This type vitiligo onset acutely, the vitiligo present pink with blur boundary. Some vitiligo patients accompany with light itchy feeling and bad emotions. Also accompany the symptoms of dry mouth, light red urine, the tongue present red color, the coating on the tongue is thin and present yellow color, the pulse is thin and fast. This type vitiligo should choose the Chinese medicine have the effects of cool and activate the blood, remove the heat and get rid of the wind.

Deficiency of kidney qi: this vitiligo with stable disease condition and the site of vitiligo is relatively stable. This vitiligo with clear edge, the pigment loss is quite obvious, part of the patients accompany with the dizzy and tinnitus, sour and weak waist and knees, tongue coating thin, the tongue become larger with indentation, the pulse is weak these symptoms. This type vitiligo should treated by tonifying the liver and kidney, removing the wind and enriching the blood.

Of course there also have other types vitiligo. Chinese medicine holds an opinion that treated our body as a whole, any disease treatment should treated from the whole, find out the root of the disease to treat, different types of vitiligo should treated with different ways. This is what makes the Chinese medicine flexible in treating diseases and make the holistic treatment this opinion so advance.

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