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Chinese Medicine Fumigation To Treat Vitiligo

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1. What is Chinese medicine fumigation to treat vitiligo?

Chinese medicine holds that the vitiligo caused by the wind evil attack the epidermis, the muscle texture is not close, the qi and blood disorder and finally cause vitiligo. The Chinese medicine fumigation therapy also called steam therapy, bath therapy, Chinese medicine atomization transdermal therapy. It under the guide of Chinese medicine theory, take advantage of the steam produced by the boiled Chinese medicine, use the large scale medical instrument called fumigation machine to make the Chinese medicine vaporized and ionized and frequented to promote the skin to absorb the medicine and finally achieve it’s treatment purpose. This therapy belongs to the external treatment in Chinese medicine.

As early as in warring states period, there are the records in the Inner Cannon of Huangdi, there are sayings take the message first and then take the bath. The LiYuJiaoWen this book points out the theory of external treatment is also the theory of internal treatment; medicine for external treatment is also the medicine for the internal treatment. The only difference is how to use it. The practice proved that the treatment effects of Chinese medicine fumigation is directly, the treatment effects is good, with wide apply ranges, have no toxic and side effects. This treatment welcomed by many skin disease patients especially vitiligo patients.

2. The principle of Chinese fumigation to treat vitiligo?

Skin is our largest organ, with largest area and many hair pores. Except it have protect effects to defense against external evil invasion, it also have the effects of secret, absorb, infiltration, excretion, senses and many other functions. The Chinese fumigation therapy is take advantage the physiological characteristics of the skin to make the medicine adsorbed by the epidermal layer of the skin, infiltrate by the keratoderma and transported by the dermis and then enter into the blood circulation and exert pharmacological effects.

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